Leo Monthly Money Horoscope

June 2017

You’ll love your June Money Horoscope, with all the fiery planetary support about. Some of your most private and secret ideas are about to get a spark of interest if you share them with others. On the 1st of June Venus in Aries will trine Saturn in Sagittarius, giving you the feeling that destiny is finally catching up to your ideas for a rich and comfortable future. However, it’s the following week on June 6 when Venus enters Taurus that you realize just how lucrative your ideas can be. If no one is appreciating your style, however, just keep moving forward until you find the right situation where you get ample compensation for your contributions. Look to the Summer Solstice on the 20th when Mercury in Gemini trines Jupiter in Libra. It’s a great day to talk about your accomplishments; schedule an interview or presentation.

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