Leo Monthly Money Horoscope

July 2018

Head’s up, Leo! Financially savvy and spontaneous Venus will move into the prepared sign of Virgo on the 9th, your second house of money. Knowing this ahead of time will hopefully prompt you to get your financial papers in order, so that when and if you need to come up with proof, answers or information quickly you’ll be ahead of the game. Avoid a stressful period and get prepared for whatever comes your way. It won’t be bad; you’ll just be glad you did it. Luckily, you have more action going on in your personal life this month rather than having financial worries. Still, it’s good to stay on top of things. Having Venus in your second house can be beneficial financially and she’ll be in yours until September 6. Take advantage of all the great help she offers. However, she’ll also prompt you to spend money on things you want rather than just things you need, so caveat emptor; let the buyer beware. Saturn is still in retrograde in your sixth house, so now’s a great time to plant the seeds for a future financial boost rather than expecting a raise. Consult a Money Psychic and see if your money wouldn’t be better off in the bank than in your wallet.

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