Leo Monthly Money Horoscope

January 2018

While January offers almost the entire zodiac a chance to make a fresh start or work with a clean slate, the 15th of January is your best chance to be noticed for work you’ve already done. On that day, lucky Jupiter will form a beautiful angle to Pluto that says “go big or go home.” Pluto is in your sixth house, your house of daily work and reputation. If you’ve been an exemplary employee who has all of his/her accomplishments noted, then the 15th is the best day to go into the boss and tell him/her why you’re ready for the next financial and/or professional level. You’ve also got the Lunar Eclipse in your first house on the 31st, signaling a personal transformation and life change. Just sit back for a minute and soak this all in. You’re ready to make some changes and you’re ready for that next move up the ladder, and the Universe is offering you lots of personal support to make those dreams come true.

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