Leo Monthly Horoscope

January 2020

Leo, the heat is on from the planetary quincunxes and oppositions to you this month. You’ve never been one to shrink from a challenge. Mars going into friendly-to-you Sagittarius for a month and a half on January 4, though, will make you more than equal to it!

If partnered, your lover will carry the romantic torch in your seventh house until mid month. The moon in your sign January 7 – 9 will see you both splendidly cavorting with lovers and friends in your usual style. This would be a great time to take a couple of days to bask in your accomplishments and enjoy the perks of your hard work with your partner.

Single Leos will find love taking the form of a thoughtful and analytical Aquarius early in January. He or she will lend priceless perspective to what you are feeling and experiencing now. An Astrology Psychic could show you what’s ahead and how to transmute all planetary energies into gains!

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