Leo Monthly Money Horoscope

February 2018

There’s a lot of focus on relationship issues for you this month, so you may find yourself a little distracted when it comes to money. However, both Venus and Mercury will be setting up shop in not-so-focused Pisces, also known as your eighth house of “other people’s money” on the 10th and 17th, respectively. Whether you’re starting a new chapter in life or ending one, (or are about to) you need to keep a close eye on your finances in February. The best advice to give you with Venus in woozy Pisces is to organize your paperwork, including bills, warranties, and anything legal or financial. Keep them in a safe place that’s also accessible. Ask an efficient Capricorn to help you. It would be all too easy this month to lose a receipt or an important tax document. Don’t be scared, but do be proactive and ultra-careful with your personal information. Then you can relax.

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