Leo Monthly Horoscope

December 2019

Demands at work are still a major part of your life with Venus spending the first part of the month in your sixth house, no matter how much you enjoy spreading love and fun. Pets and family may also give you a run for your money during December. There are huge needs and desires bubbling to the surface within your family, which may cause some discord and stress, so be sure plan special time for you and your lover during this hectic time.

Venus moves into your seventh house of partnerships on December 20, focusing your attention there. Pay particular attention to work partnerships while you enjoy passion in other areas. Your business affiliations will be full of brilliant, yet disruptive ideas. Stay steady on your feet but be open. These flashes of what’s new and available can serve you throughout your life. A Career Psychic might help you recognize these opportunities.

With the sun itself as your sun sign ruler, you feel all eclipses powerfully. The December 25-26 event in Capricorn may feel like you’re drowning in too much drama – something you generally enjoy. Avoid walking away from someone being over-the-top without consideration. There’s much to learn and gain if you listen to them carefully.

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