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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

General Overview: Some pressure has lifted. Now it feels like you can move forward without the usual roadblocks interfering with your progress. You’re not out of the woods yet, but you have turned a corner. If you need back up, trust a dependable Capricorn.

Love/Friendship: A fun and flirty message from your sweetheart could brighten your day. A delightful alignment between affectionate Venus and well-wishing Jupiter makes it the perfect time to let someone know how you feel. Why not seize the moment and send out a sweet message? The chances are good that the response you receive will warm your heart.

Career/Finance: Today, Saturn ends its long retrograde through the realm that rules work and wellness. In recent months, you’ve had to combat the stress that came from taking on additional responsibilities. Even if you were unemployed, you were under pressure. In the months ahead, you might not feel less burdened, although you can strengthen your skills and develop the discipline to manage your workload successfully. You can also create sound strategies to combat stress and attend to self-care.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: It feels like you’re on terra firma. With an earthy grand trine supporting you, you know what you want, and you have what it takes to make things happen. Your confidence will rise when you succeed at a task that delivers measurable results.

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