Leo Monthly Horoscope

August 2019

Leo, it’s almost too obvious to say, but do make the most of the first three weeks of August when your ruler, the sun, is at its zenith. Venus, having joined the array, will be bringing lots of romance into your days (and nights) for most of the month. Your energy will be high for both work and love with Mars in your domain.

If single, Asteroid Juno with the sun and Venus in your sign now, will have you thinking long-term with a special someone. Your fantasies may take you to a scene of domestic bliss but use your head and check in with reality before you sign the contract.

If partnered, a rollicking good time is promised with Jupiter in your solar fifth of pleasure. Go someplace fun with your sweetie and live it up. You’ll have plenty of time to live it down, too, when Jupiter enters Capricorn later this year and the bills come due. The memories will be worth it, though.

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