Leo Monthly Horoscope

August 2017

With all the planetary action happening under your sign, you’re not lacking attention. The days between August 4th and 7th will call for you to remain alert, and not get too carried away with someone, especially if they’re from your past. Jupiter will square Pluto on the 4th and there is a lunar eclipse on the 7th in your house of partnerships. This applies whether you’re married or single. Eclipses cause us to react impulsively, so listen to your inner voice if it’s saying, “you know better.” Single Leos will have a chance to change their relationship status around the new moon solar eclipse on the 21st which takes place in your first house. You may want to change your appearance. Normally, whatever you do is sure to get noticed, so imagine the power of transformation that can happen when you’re powered by this life-changing eclipse.

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