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Saturday, November 16, 2019

General Overview: Both Venus and Jupiter are in Sagittarius, opposite your natal Gemini planets; they are calling you to come out and play today! The moon in Cancer trine your ruling planet Mercury gives ease and depth of emotion to your communication. It also activates and enhances your intuition. Meanwhile, an Aries is seeking friendship with you and has a lot to offer. You will very much enjoy each other’s company.

Love/Friendship: Jupiter and Venus are both activating partnership and committed relationships in your chart, and they are sextile Mars who is stirring up love and romance. Whether you are single or partnered, the love and romance vibe is off the charts today. Just keep your eyes open because with Venus square Neptune you are very susceptible to romantic disappointment. Take the rose-colored glasses off, you don’t need them to have fun.

Career/Finance: Mercury is highlighting your house of work, and so is the sun. This brings opportunities, and new projects are to be expected. Make a commitment to be kind to coworkers so they continue to look out for you and have your back. Remember, kindness is never wasted.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Deepen your focus and concentration and set aside multi-tasking as it creates too much chaos right now. One step at a time will serve you better and carry you forward with less drama and miscommunication.

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