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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Gemini Horoscope: Yesterday

General Overview: Who are your favorite people? Is it your love interest? A colleague? Or maybe your best friend? With the moon in your house of one-on-one interaction, you’ll want to be close to them today. A Sagittarius pal will be super encouraging.

Love/Friendship: You and a friend might disagree as Venus in your assets zone clashes with resentful Eris. A conflict could arise when you’re treated unfairly. A clash over money or a coveted possession could trigger jealousy and competitive vibes. Don’t brag about what you have or make someone feel that they can’t keep up with the cool kids. If your friends exclude you, it might be time to join a more simpatico squad.

Career/Finance: You’ll be a lot more together and better organized now that your ruler, Mercury, is out of retrograde. It’s been a crazy few weeks filled with miscommunication, mishaps, and delays. It never hurts to take a breath and think about what you’re doing, although you’ll be happy to not have to review everything you do and say. Until early July, you’ll still have moments of feeling scattered and out of sync. The good news is that clarity is on the horizon.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Enthusiasm could prompt you to promise more than you can deliver as the hopeful Sagittarius Moon aligns with Jupiter and Mars. Instead of saying yes to a request, say maybe.

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