Gemini Traits: Inquisitive and Daring

Gemini: Inquisitive and Daring | California Psychics

Understanding Gemini Individuals

Welcome, dear readers! Today, we are going to explore the traits of Gemini: the Eternal Twins. This delightful duo has a wild reputation and most of it is well deserved. If you are involved with a Gemini, you can be assured that boredom will rarely cross your path. This is also a relationship that will require a great deal of energy to maintain. It is not for the faint of heart.

For those folks born between May 21 and June 21, life is a continual adventure. Known to be talkative, curious, and to possess lightning fast minds, Gemini will keep their partners on point throughout the entire relationship.

These tantalizing Twins are known for their inquisitive nature. If you are ever in a game of “Truth or Dare” with a Gemini, be prepared to lose. There aren’t too many things a Gemini won’t try at least once. They are often bold and endlessly inquisitive.

Geminis Can Be Talkative

As with most things that possess true duality, for all the positives, there is an equal amount of challenges. For instance, Gemini’s well-known trait of curiosity can quickly become intrusive. Some Gemini are only content when they can find a juicy bit of gossip to share; however, they are most happy when they are the center of attention. Unfortunately, they don’t make much distinction between the good kind of attention and the not so good.

A Gemini can make a great conversation out of almost any subject matter. They typically never meet a stranger, and often go out of their way to strike up deep and intellectually challenging conversations. They are so adaptable and quick witted that they are usually the life of any social gathering.

Understanding the Gemini Female

The female Gemini can be challenging to love. Her emotions rule her decisions, and if she isn’t happy, she usually finds a way to end her current situation and begin exploring something else. She can be very eloquent in expressing her passions and often makes a surprisingly good writer.

She will keep her mate fascinated by the numerous changes she will embrace. Don’t be surprised if your beloved Gemini woman has changed her hair color and knocked out a wall of the house while you were away. This is the wild child of the entire zodiac.

The Gemini woman will often seek a very intellectual mate; however, there must be some adventure in the mix to keep her from wandering. It’s not that a Gemini woman is promiscuous, it is simply that she bores easily.
The female Gemini is strongly sexual and when she sees what she wants, she has no problem making the first move. She is generally very confident in her sexuality and feels very positive about her body. This can make the sexual life you share with this wonderful woman better than anything you have ever known!

Understanding the Gemini Male

The male Gemini shares many traits with the Gemini female. Ruled by the Air, Gemini people have very powerful personalities. However, in the case of the Gemini male traits, we see an added element of strength that is even greater than that of the Gemini female. This is a true Alpha male.

The male Gemini is charming, intelligent, clever, witty and, sometimes reckless. He is also known to have a wandering eye when it comes to relationships. Like the female Gemini, he will identify what he wants and will not let anything stand in his way, but when he bores of his latest conquest, he will most certainly, unceremoniously, and quite suddenly move on to the next.

Finding compatibility with Aquarius and Sagittarius can do wonders to help these Twins focus on what is important. It is important to keep things in the relationship fresh and interesting if you plan on holding the attention of a Gemini. Ruled by Mercury, these are dynamic people who can change their opinions and thoughts in an instant.

Understanding Gemini Children

For those with a Gemini child, you can be certain that your life is going to be filled with wonderful and outrageous acts. They have very vivid imaginations and boundless curiosity. The intellectual capacity of these children should be nurtured in every way possible as they are the inventors and scientists of the future.

The Gemini child can be exhausting to raise, but if you have the vision and patience to behold the inner workings of this intellectual and imaginative child, you will witness a new world being created. Their attention span will be remarkably challenging, but you will quickly discover that these children start the Gemini trait of “deep thinking” at a very early age.

Gemini will keep you on your toes and exhausted, but the trade-off for those weary moments is a whirlwind of excitement and new ways to view the world.

These vibrant, intelligent people will add so much to your life. It will be hard to turn away from their charm, even when you worry about your future. Get on this roller coaster and you will have some amazing stories to share at the end of the day.

Gemini Traits | California Psychics

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