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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Gemini Daily Horoscope for Tomorrow

General Overview: The North Node joins Venus and Mercury in your first house of self, sextiling Chiron in your eleventh house of friendship and humanitarianism. Your healing abilities are in the process of awakening and as you discover this new path, you come to realize the paradox of accepting people exactly as they are even as you work to support and assist them in their healing journey. Your own life serves as a beacon and roadmap for others, and the more authentic you are, the greater the positive impact you have. Trust that a Leo will find their way; be supportive, but don’t carry their load for them.

Love/Friendship: It’s tempting to lose yourself in your relationship when you feel unsure of yourself but resist it. Take the road less traveled and double down on believing in yourself and knowing your own worth. Step into your personal power, don’t distract and lose yourself in others.

Career/Finance: The Cancer Moon activates your second house of material affairs and conjuncts Mars, filling you with courage, boldness, and pushing you to take risks. While risk-taking is a part of prosperity, it needs to be balanced with skill, know-how, and wisdom. Impulsiveness rarely pays well, so resist the temptation to dive in without being prepared.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Read the room, take note of the details, and respond accordingly. Look carefully before you leap.

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