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Saturday, May 30, 2020

Gemini Daily Horoscope for Tomorrow

General Overview: You have so much activity in Gemini in your first house of self, it’s as if the twins that represent your sign have become octuplets! Compound that with a square from the Virgo Moon and you can be excused if it feels like everything and everyone is working your last nerve. You’re sensitive to begin with, now you’re uber-sensitive so be gentle with yourself and retreat if you need to.

Love/Friendship: Emotions run high with the moon opposite Mars and square Venus. The best way to navigate this transit is to remember that everyone is probably dealing with something stressful, so be kind. This goes double for interactions with your significant other, so lead with compassion and consideration. A reading with a Channeling Psychic can give you some insight into what’s going on for you regarding relationships and how you can become the best partner possible.

Career/Finance: With the moon opposite Mars and then Neptune activating your tenth house of career and achievement, you have the opportunity to assess your overall level of satisfaction and contentment with your professional life. At the same time you may be feeling an inner call to work in the helping or healing professions. Play with that idea. You’ll know when, and if, it’s time to make a change.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: With Jupiter and Pluto in your eighth house of death and rebirth, you may find yourself contemplating the great mysteries. Give yourself permission to explore in these directions and you may discover that you have mediumistic abilities yourself.

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