Cancer Monthly Money Horoscope

September 2017

Your September Money Horoscope will hopefully help you catch up and catch your breath when it comes to finances and bills. Aside from other astrological occurrences of the past, both of the eclipses last month centered on the money you make, the money you share, and the obligations you have—all while impulsively charged Mars was in your second house of money. Once Mars moves into Virgo on the 9th you’ll appreciate his candor in your house of communications much better than in your wallet. The Virgo energy of September will assist you in detail-type work—writing, crafting, and creating. It’s possible that while feeling slightly flush in time and money, you may turn to this craft which could potentially garner some side cash. Just remember, little hermit crab, that you can use that money to go out and have some fun in between bouts of creativity. Money is energy; it has to flow both in and out, so don’t hold on so tight.

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