Cancer Monthly Money Horoscope

November 2019

Although Uranus might be upsetting the applecart with its usual abruptness, it sextiles you now. You will find whatever situation that arises spins out to your benefit. Make the most of this Mercury retrograde period to take another look at where you most specifically want to get in your career. After November 20, Venus and Mercury will join in Scorpio to make everything move forward in a way that you like very much! Let dreamy Neptune inspire you, not confuse you, trining from sister Water sign Pisces. Pay attention to your dreams, Cancer, because they will contain important clues about the future. A Dream Psychic could be of special assistance to you now if you want to get clarity about the symbolism you’ve been having at night. The moon in your sign November 15-17 is the very best time to take action toward your goals.

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