Cancer Monthly Money Horoscope

March 2018

Sometimes keeping your nose to the grindstone is necessary—not only because it’s productive (and rewarding), but also because it keeps you out of trouble. Your March Money Horoscope indicates two events that could rock your vocational boat which could possibly mess with your finances—especially if you’re self-employed.

When Venus enters headstrong Aries and your tenth house of careers after the 6th, you’ll be feeling rather impulsive and say what’s really on your mind—especially around the 13th. Also, Mercury’s retrograde in the same sign won’t help matters as Mercury rules communication. Take a clue from the “book of retrogrades” and use the month of March as a time to review, rewind, and rethink matters through before speaking up or against a potential client or boss. In fact, if you’ve been able to skip some of the recent eclipse energy surrounding money, and you’ve saved for a rainy day, the middle of March would be a perfect time for a short vacation.

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