Cancer Monthly Money Horoscope

February 2018

Rather than spending money on miscellaneous items, you may focus on purchasing warranties or updating insurance on some of your older, yet still reliable items, like the furnace, the fridge or the car. Security is your middle name and you’re not big on unpleasant surprises, plus you’re pretty happy when all is just “taken care of” or you have a little nest egg to fall back on. Funny, that your intuitive mind is thinking about right now, because there’s a solar eclipse on February 15 that will take place in your eighth house of other people’s money. If you’ve been splitting the bills with a roommate, business partner, one of you may decide to jump ship. Consider your feelings around the subject over the last few months. You’ll want to make sure that you can handle whatever may come your way financially. Please don’t worry; this won’t affect all Cancerians, at least not in quite the same way. Eclipses take us where we need to be.

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