Cancer Monthly Horoscope

December 2019

You have some interesting help from powerful Mars in Scorpio when it come to your love life, children, and creativity this month. You’re surprised by the energy you bring to these areas in life. At the same time, partnerships are so demanding that it’s difficult to address everyone’s needs. Understand that they’re dealing with deeply suppressed issues, so give them – and yourself – a little room. Contacting a Love Psychic can help with necessary discoveries.

The Full Moon in Gemini on December 11 gives boosts your innovation, but clarity is required so you can bring it all to life. Rely on your inspiration when it comes to your love life and your search for the best path through life.

The Christmas and New Year holidays, particularly during the December 25-26 Solar Eclipse in Capricorn, demand so much from you that it’s hard to focus inward but take that time. Concentrate on who and what you love and want to include in your future.

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