Cancer Monthly Money Horoscope

August 2018

With all that’s happening around you and your life astrologically, there are two things that stick out in your August monthly money horoscope. One is the partial solar eclipse in Leo, representing your second house of cash and possessions. This eclipse opens the door to help you achieve some financial goals. Perhaps you’ll be starting a side business or a whole new income stream. The other is the grand earth trine on the 25th. If you’ve been working hard towards achieving more financial stability, this energy will assist you greatly. This trine will also help you close out some money matters from the past. Either you’ll get rid of some old debt or you’ll be putting the finishing touches on a negotiation or project. Consulting a Money Psychic would be a wise move as the month gets started. Use the grounded energy to stay steady. You can get what you want without pushing too hard and you don’t have to follow through if something doesn’t sound just right. Since Venus is now in your fourth house you may even be negotiating on a new place to live or making improvements to your home. Just remember it’s all your choice.

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