Cancer Monthly Horoscope

August 2019

Frankly, there will probably be an increase in your wealth or investments right now, Cancer, with the sun, Venus, Mars, and the moon all there around August 1. As we all know, money can’t buy happiness, but being the sensitive and generous soul that you are, you will be using some of it to uplift and delight subordinates as Jupiter moves through your solar sixth house. This would be a great time to host a party for employees in the business you run. You could also invite the furry friends of your neighborhood in for special pet treats and have your date or mate take photos for their owners.

It looks like you will be having loads of fun locally, but don’t ignore that long-distance journey that Neptune is calling you toward in your solar ninth. If single, the dream love of your life just might be in that next town or port. Go and discover what it is you are longing for.

If partnered, your mate will be spending time in serious work so help them shut the door on Saturn for an evening or a weekend and come away with you somewhere beautiful. You both will come back glowing.

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