Cancer Monthly Horoscope

April 2018

Let’s preface this horoscope by saying that not every month is meant to be all rainbows and sunshine when it comes to our deepest relationships. Sometimes, we have to work to deepen connections, maintain the status quo, and even know when it’s time to cut ties. You have Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in your seventh house of relationships this month—the latter of the two are also about to retrograde. For you, that signals impulsivity, mixed with karma and a bit of a chance for an explosive episode. However, if you can maintain your closest relationships and honor their importance in your life, you should be able to sail through April unscathed with relationships intact. On the 10th, the Aries Sun squares Pluto—a good day to offer an olive branch if you’re trying to repair a connection current or past. Consult a Deceased Loved Ones Psychic to get advice from the other side. They can see what’s happening and they want to help.

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