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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

General Overview: People are watching your moves. They’re curious to see what you’re about to do. There’s no doubt that you’ll come across as a go-getter. An Aries might be impressed by what they see, although it’s not clear whether the ram is a supporter or a competitor.

Love/Friendship: Your yearning for quality time with your love interest is palpable. It could be a distraction if there’s a pressing work task that you need to give your attention to. It’s best to put business before pleasure. You’ll be more at ease and attentive to your partner once you’ve squared away what you need to do. For singles, there’s no time to brood over what you don’t have. You, too, need to be productive.

Career/Finance: Warrior Mars entering Scorpio inspires a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude when it comes to getting ahead in your career. An aggressive vibe won’t earn you many friends. In fact, it can arouse enemies. Through early January, you’ll need to balance ambition with compassion and common sense. Even an independent agent needs the support of helpful cohorts in the field. You can’t afford to make everyone an opponent.

Personal Growth/Spirituality: Friends and groups that you’re a member of are there to offer support as the warm Leo Moon contacts affectionate Venus and generous Jupiter. Avail yourself of the resources provided if you need to. Know that it’s something you’ve earned.

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