Sagittarius and Virgo Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility: Sagittarius and Virgo

Sagittarius and Virgo are both philosophic souls who can get lost in hours of conversations, especially about subjects like healthy eating, physical feats and holistic health. Only time will tell if this relationship will work in the long-term, but the initial attraction is apparent. There may be power struggles and moments of high tension. However, when they work at balancing their energies, Sagittarius and Virgo can also become a powerful couple.

On the zodiac wheel, these two Sun signs form a square angle, a position that has its challenges, but also its rewards. One thing Sagittarius will have to get used to is that they have fallen for a workaholic. Sagittarius can take this up to a point, but if they feel ignored, Virgo will soon be single again. When it comes to love, neither Sagittarius nor Virgo are the game playing types, only the real thing will do. Sagittarius will appreciate Virgo’s healthy appetite in bed as well as their loyalty in love. As long as love prevails, this relationship can be well worth the effort.

Love by Element:  Fire and Earth

A Sagittarius and Virgo couple can have a love match, despite being from extremely different elements, as long as they each stay in their lane and don’t try to overpower the other. Fire signs like Sagittarius are adventurous risk-takers, while Earth signs like Virgo prefer to put down roots. Without an appreciation for their partner’s style, an earthquake could erupt that could devastate this otherwise exciting couple. If these two can learn to appreciate the differences between them instead of making them points of contention, they’ll find that they can offer what the other is missing. Virgo will give Sagittarius a lovely home to return to, and Sagittarius can help Virgo from getting stuck in a rut and encourage them to grow.

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