Your Mantras for Meditation: August 18 – 24

Your Mantras for Meditation: August 18 - 24

The Power of Mantras

The heat-filled days of August are winding down and one of the best views in the night sky will still be above your head this week to inspire your best ideas. You’re going to have opportunities to open your heart wider and receive love more freely than you have in a long time, according to your mantras for meditation. This is a week of amazing events and you’ll discover aspects of your life that you may have previously ignored.

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With a waxing summer moon tumbling into her fullness, emotions will be running high in many directions. Just find some peace and quiet this week and make sure you still your tongue when these passions rise. Your mantras for meditation encourage you to think about what you’re saying before you say it and consider how others will receive your actions.

When you find yourself frustrated or feeling overwhelmed, slow your breathing. Take deep, cleansing breaths and remember what is most important in your life. Try to consider the way things appear from the other side of the conflict. We are living lives similar to a great and beautiful prism. We refract the universal light and translate it into vibrations of light—each in its own beauty. No color is better than the other. Together we make a rainbow of amazing splendor. And on that note, here are your mantras for meditation!

August 18
“I did not ask for this music, but since I am here, I will dance.”

Today is a great day to dance. We may not have a choice when it comes to how our lives link up and interact with the lives of others, but we can determine how we react to each situation. If you can maintain a healthy sense of optimism in any situation, you are well armed for anything that will come your way.

August 19
“Today I will cultivate happiness.”

Your mantras for meditation remind you that the simplest things are often the most joyous moments. Happiness cannot be bought or consumed. Instead, it can be accepted and embraced. Nothing from the outside is strong enough to fill the inside. Remember, you will never see a luggage rack on a hearse. You can’t take stuff with you, so cultivate what matters.

August 20
“I will set my compass to find joy and I will find it today.”

Have you ever seen refugees smiling or laughing? Children in heart-wrenching situations can play in the dirt with toys they make from nothing, yet they still laugh. Look at your life and watch it change completely when you take a deep breath and see light in the darkness.

August 21
“Today I will send a thank-you note to someone for whom I am grateful. I will thank them for sharing my journey.”

Gratitude is the building block of a genuinely fulfilled life. Without gratitude, you will be unable to see how many gifts have found their way to you, according to your mantras for meditation. It’s only through walking in and out of trials and troubles that you have a point of comparison. Therefore, gratitude is the bridge between sorrow and joy.

August 22
“Today I will mend a conflict in my life.”

Sometimes it’s difficult to address something that’s broken in our lives. After all, no one wants to have uncomfortable moments with people, but to break a conflict, often the only way to the other side is to walk through it.

August 23
“I will pay attention to the everyday miracles in my life.”

In this modern age, it’s so easy for us to overlook miracles. Do you have clean water to drink? Do you ever think about the “miracle” of modern engineering to bring that water to your home? Have you considered the wonder of having more computer power in your phone than NASA had during the moon landing? Your mantras for meditation remind you that your life is filled with amazing and wonderful miracles!

August 24
“I will be generous today.

The happiest people are not the ones who are receiving more. The happiest of all are the ones who are GIVING more. It’s a basic truth that generosity is one of the greatest traits a person can develop. However, you don’t have to wait for a holiday to offer a helping hand. This is certainly a wonderful time to extend your offerings when you know you will receive nothing in return. Such is the mark of true generosity, according to your mantras for meditation.

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