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Capricorn and Leo Compatibility

Capricorn and Leo Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Capricorn and Leo

When Capricorn and Leo come together for a love match, they can create a very dynamic couple who is ambitious and achievement oriented. Capricorn and Leo both enjoy socializing. It’s likely that the reserved Capricorn focuses on making valuable connections, while fun-loving Leo is intent on being the life of the party. Both like to dress to impress and others will see them as an attractive power couple.

Leo likes a lot of attention, and thankfully Capricorn is well-suited in providing it – financially, emotionally and sexually. In bed, both Capricorn and Leo have a healthy appetite for lovemaking and will go out of their way to accommodate their other half. Financially, Capricorn will have to be the more practical partner, as Leo can act as if there’s a constant supply of money to meet their wants and needs. However, despite any differences, this can be a strong and loving couple who support one another nicely.

Love by Element:  Earth and Fire

Earth and Fire signs can both lead busy lives, especially Capricorn and Leo. Since both enjoy traveling, getting away on a regular basis is the best way for these two go-getters to enjoy life and reconnect. Capricorn and Leo both love a lovely place to call home that’s comfortable and filled with nice things. They also will both work hard to achieve it all. Fiery Leo will always suggest a trip or activity, big or small, to keep the energy exciting and Capricorn is glad to indulge once a mission at work is completed. Leo will make sure the energy between them never becomes stagnant and Capricorn will help Leo slow down just enough to savor every moment.

The Good Side of Capricorn and Leo

It’s entirely possible that Capricorn and Leo will meet at a party or event that is opulent or over the top. Both Capricorn and Leo love the good life and rubbing elbows with influential people, even though Capricorn is a bit more reserved. They mingle, however, for different reasons. Capricorn networks to help their career, and Leo just wants to make friends and have fun. On the outside, they are a power couple, but they can also be powerful as a simple, loving couple, as long as their life goals are the same and they accept their partner for who they are. Sexually, the attraction is real, and the chemistry is intense. Leo needs to feel adored, and Capricorn is happy to give them all the attention they want. Both have a healthy appetite for sex, especially Leo, and if they can’t get Capricorn away from work, they might just show up at the office.

The Bad Side of Capricorn and Leo

Capricorn has found a way to live the good life while also saving money for the future. Leo, however, is not a saver, and this could drive Capricorn crazy. On the sexual front, Leo may have to help Capricorn unwind after a long day; they can’t just turn on and off their serious side like a light switch. If Leo doesn’t grow too impatient, they’ll find the wait was worth it.

Keys to a Successful Union

Capricorn and Leo are five signs apart on the zodiac wheel, a considerable distance apart that speaks of an even more significant difference in personal styles. Still, this can work with a little adjustment on both ends. If you’ve experienced loss and healing in other parts of life, you’re ready for this relationship. This could be a karmic connection to repair unfinished business from the past.

Here’s the key to success: Both Capricorn and Leo have a gift to make others laugh, so share this gift with each other whenever possible. Look at the differences as providing what the other lacks. Love each other as you are, knowing neither needs to change.

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