Aquarius and Leo Compatibility

Sun Sign Compatibility: Aquarius and Leo

When social Leo meets spirited Aquarius, their interest is instantly piqued. Both are thrill-seekers, looking for adventure and excitement in all aspects of life. With Sun signs at 180-degrees from each other, they’re considered astrological opposites. Meaning they’ll either make it or break it, and it won’t be long until they decide which. If these two are going to make a love match, it will be a bit of work and a delicate balance.

If the relationship clicks, it’s likely loyal Leo who will be most inclined to turn this union into a full-blown relationship. Which may be way too soon for carefree Aquarius, who prefers to live life without a label. Still, their chemistry is intense and electric, and sex is likely one of their favorite activities. The bedroom is one place where their inner -confidence and playfulness shine.

Love by Element:  Air and Fire

Aquarius and Leo are polar opposites on the zodiac wheel, meaning they’ll either go together like oil and fried chicken or oppose each other like oil and water.  There’s no middle ground here.  Air and Fire have a way of either getting each other excited or burning each other out.  However, Aquarius is drawn to Leo’s style of luxury and comfort—they find it interesting.  Leo, on the other hand, likes the excitement Aquarius brings to the relationship—their air makes fire burn brighter.  Unfortunately, Aquarius and Leo have one thing in common that’s not really positive.

Both are fixed qualities in astrology meaning neither is very flexible.  Since compromise is the key to most relationships, this can be a major stumbling block.  If they learn to give in occasionally, this couple stands a better chance at longevity.


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