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Aries and Scorpio Compatibility

Aries and Scorpio Zodiac Compatibility | California Psychics

Sun Sign Compatibility: Aries and Scorpio

When an Aries and Scorpio first meet, they may not instantly trust each other, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be instantly attracted. Mars is the modern-day ruler of Aries and the ancient ruler of Scorpio, which makes these two a sizzling-hot, passionate pair. It’s not hard to imagine that when an Aries and Scorpio come together, they can generate some serious heat.

Aries and Scorpio are both like skilled poker players who hold their cards close to the vest while simultaneously scoping the situation behind dark shades – they’re both competitive and not easy to trust one another. Therefore, the real game here is “spy vs. spy” as each, wanting to know more about the other, feeds their need for information by secretly searching social media and maybe even mutual friends for more facts. It won’t be an easy mission, however, as both are extremely private individuals.

Love by Element: Fire and Water

When water and fire come together, it can be a steamy situation, especially with two hot lovers like Aries and Scorpio. Water can suppress a raging bonfire, but it can also drown out a romantic flame (and Aries’ need to be wild). Fire can heat a pot of water, but applying too much heat will make it boil over (making Scorpio boil in jealousy and/or anger).

For all they have in common, these two elements have very different needs. These two will need more than chemistry to keep this love alive. They’ll both have to give the other what they need without completely losing themselves.

The Good Side of Aries and Scorpio

There’s little chance that boredom will ever be a problem in this relationship. Both Aries and Scorpio have a healthy, if not over-abundant, amount of hot, sensual energy. Their differences are enough to keep this relationship continually interesting and intriguing.

The Bad Side of Aries and Scorpio

If these two rely solely on their sexual chemistry to keep their union tight, they won’t develop the deep connection that each one needs in a relationship. This could easily become a purely physical relationship if one or both aren’t ready for something more. If they are ready, however, that’s when the real work begins. Aries and Scorpio are both independent souls who need to take time to do their own things once in a while. However, Scorpio’s jealous side could rear its ugly head when headstrong Aries starts spending time on pet projects or socializing. Both can make the other feel suffocated or alternatively ignored if the right balance isn’t struck. In order to make this connection last, both will have to tame their selfishness needs while also giving each other room to breathe. When truly in love, both are devoted and play for keeps, however, each will have to learn that neither is the boss of the other.

The Keys to a Successful Union

Being five signs apart, there’s a large chunk of real estate between Aries and Scorpio, and a wide array of differences. They’ll have to continually work to maintain the bridge they’ve built to make this connection last. Aries may need to sacrifice a night on the town for a Sunday dinner with the family. Scorpio may have to trade the sweats for a suit to go on a dinner date with the new couple down the street. Maintaining a healthy respect for the other’s needs can go a long way in making this union a successful one.

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