Your Mantras for Meditation: August 25 – 31

Your Mantras for Meditation: August 25 - 31

The Power of Mantras

This month’s series of mantras for meditation has drawn inspiration from summer’s cosmic events and the needs of many of you who have posted your comments and questions. When you repost these articles on your social media, it helps expand my audience and bring in new questions and requests. I’m grateful for all of it and I’m happy to hear any suggestions, ideas, or requests you have. Just leave a comment below.

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This week’s mantras for meditation come from a walking meditation I did in the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest. The trees towered over my head as my guides shared two profound thoughts they felt should be shared with you too, my gentle readers. They are:

1. Learn to Live in the Present Moment
As you move through the week, relish those sweet moments of quiet solitude, like in your morning shower. Where does your mind take you? Are you already contemplating the toils of the day? You’re stressing out over things that haven’t even happened! Why not enjoy this moment of peace and quiet instead? Try living in the present moment!

2. Enjoy the Peaceful Moments
Enjoy the simplicity of peace, dear friends. Inhale. Close your eyes and feel the moment. It’s so rare and so very precious that it will never come to your world again. Please don’t take your moments of peace for granted. Embrace them! Experience them with gratitude and appreciation. After all, they support your mind and body so you can handle the challenges ahead.

Now let’s jump into this week’s mantras for meditation.

August 25
“Today I will turn my moments of waiting into moments of heightened awareness.”

The day before the last full moon of summer is a day that can make you feel like electricity is coursing through your body. Therefore, this is a powerful and exciting day and you may find yourself feeling very empowered and directed. Utilize every opportunity that offers itself today. And if you find yourself “on hold” today, utilize that time! Pay attention to everything around you while you wait. It’s amazing how much you can accomplish if you look at the outcome and don’t care who gets the credit.

August 26
“Today is a day to experience gratitude for my strengths and my direction.”

Gratitude is the reflection of ascending grace. The more gratitude you show in your life, the more you realize you already have ALL of what you need. Change your focus from consuming goods and services to focusing on what you already have and how well it serves you. Go outside tonight and celebrate that moon! Nothing Hollywood could ever produce can rival the beauty of a full moon in summer. It’s the last full moon of the entire season too, so your mantras for meditation say it’s certainly important to enjoy it.

August 27
“I will not waste my life in friction when it can be turned into momentum.”

Many of the frustrations in life serve a purpose. Too much stuff to clean around your house? Downsize! Tired of a car payment that’s too expensive? Downsize! Get a vehicle you can pay off in a few months instead. You’ll be surprised how good life gets when your priorities reflect YOUR heart and mind and not that of Madison Avenue!

August 28
“I will make today a day worth remembering!”

No one knows the exact moment when their journey around the sun ends. Many paths will open to you before that instant of transition and, therefore, you must make every one of these precious days count! If you feel love, express it. If you care, get involved. Forgive, even if you’re not forgiven. Love without condition, even if it’s not directly returned to you. Love will always find its source no matter who or what is generating it. Your mantras for meditation say love always finds its way back home.

August 29
“I will focus on who I know I am and not on the opinions of others.”

While there will always be others whose paths may have given them more authority, no one on Earth is more important than you. Don’t give control of your thoughts to someone who has nothing to do with your present moment. Did someone betray you? Did someone deceive you? Why are their actions dictating what is still in your head? Instead, set yourself free. After all, in reality, they have very little real authority in your world—unless you permit it!

August 30
“Today I will see and appreciate the differences of people.”

It’s very easy to be seduced into thinking that everyone thinks/acts/eats, etc., the way you do. However, that’s simply not true. It doesn’t mean that others are less than you though. It just means that you have an opportunity to discover another way of seeing the world around you. The wonderful Archbishop Desmond Tutu is credited as saying, “Differences are not intended to separate or to alienate. We are different precisely in order to realize our need of one another.”

August 31
“I will enjoy my plans for the future as much as I will embrace the gifts of today.”

August is now ending, and you are heading into a new season beginning tomorrow. Look back at your summer and enjoy those memories. Learn from the things you would like to not remember too. However, don’t allow your heart to become jaded when things don’t go quite as planned. Redirections are in your life to help you see new paths. You have done very well this summer, and you have many reasons to celebrate who you are and the path of your personal evolution.

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