Your Weekly Career Horoscope for March 25 – March 31, 2013

Tap Into Sexy Inspiration

Your inspired ideas this week are so amazing that they can become a truly sexy marketing tool. People are charged up with energy that requires direction and a healthy outlet. Focus and help direct others that seem overwhelmed by powerful forces. This requires using the wisdom and insights that you’ve acquired over the past month through your heart and through hours of study. Others are ready to hear what you have to say and take action.


Your attention must be on both the workplace and personal health on March 25. Be aware that to reach others on the 27th your focus should be on their emotional satisfaction. Show your financial responsibility to potential clients at the end of the week with your attention to cost management.


You’ll enjoy creative outlets on March 25 and 26. If you work in the health care industry, Wednesday is your day to motivate co-workers. If not, focusing on health issues in presentations will still serve you at work. On March 29 a partner will need your support.

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You’ll have others calling upon your experience during the week of March 25. Be certain that they understand your plans or are grasping any training or information you are giving. On Wednesday, you’ll be feeling emotionally upbeat and your most beautiful words will flow. If Friday is a holiday at work, you’ll still find yourself dealing with career responsibilities or some health issues.


You are the communicator with a heart who can get things done on March 25. While you’ll have a lot of challenges on Wednesday, these will offer you some really positive movement in your career. Friday,  will bring relief from career demands as you finally have some time to enjoy your partner this evening.


Be certain that you are aware of any investments that partners may be making on March 25, as there may be some confusion about any purchases. You can create breakthroughs in your career by inspiring others mid-week. A parent or issues at home will need your attention on Friday, so you might plan to take advantage of the holiday if it is offered at your workplace.

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You’ll be the sane voice in the midst of an inspired but less-organized partner on March 25. Be really clear about your finances and any money you share in a business partnership. You might even catch something important that can bring you a bonus at work. Be a straight-shooter but compassionate in your conversations on the 29th.


On March 27 your interactions will be a “dance” with someone who is probably sexually attracted to you, causing them to approach you in a strange or erratic way. Handle them with a sense of humor and you will win the day. Sunday is a great day for you to communicate powerfully on your own behalf to support your career.


You continue on your inspired, creative course during the week of March 25. Group or online presentations will do well to promote your career efforts on Monday. You will be the force to see that any creative efforts in the workplace take a solid form on Friday, March 29.


The beginning of the week has you pulled three different ways. You feel enthused and want to focus on your home life, your love life and your career. Balance all this and you’ll be pleased with the results by Sunday. Wednesday and Thursday offer travel or work-related education with positive group activities.


Monday is your day to build networks and systems for your career. If you are in charge of an office, use mid-week to assure co-workers that your plans will benefit them personally as well as being for the good of the business. If you can accomplish all of this, plan on reaping the benefits on Friday.


The beginning of the week of March 25 certainly won’t be dull, but then you are as agile as anyone at adapting to changes. By Wednesday you will have a wonderful flow of communications that will allow you to build your career in surprising ways. Be ready to carry a little extra responsibility on Friday, March 29.


Partnership issues will demand your attention on Monday. As long as you also attend to career demands, you’ll enjoy your day and everyone will be happy, including you. Mid-week offers a number of challenges that will keep you busy but creative. Inspiration takes form on Friday, March 29 and you may find a new medium to present your work to the public.

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