5 Ways to Tell Someone You Love Them

It’s More Than Those 3 Little Words

We hear it in our heads, we say it to the mirror and we say it to the back of their head as they walk away. Yet FEAR keeps us from actually saying those 3 little words, so let’s explore other, more subtle ways of letting them know what you are feeling and give them a chance to show you what THEY are feeling! Let’s start with the three basic steps to show interest.

Eye Contact

Don’t make the mistake of looking away or down. It’s what we always do when we are feeling overwhelmed or shy, but it’s also body language that suggests a lack of real interest. When they speak to you, engage them in conversation and flirt. And be sure to maintain eye contact. It’s your way of saying you want to be closer to them too.


This can get a bit tricky. In primate body language, a smile that is too big suggests hostility. However, not smiling suggests boredom or lack of interest. Practice your smile in the mirror. Believe it or not, some folks think they are smiling when their mouth is actually in a straight line. Find the right balance that looks natural on you.

Pay Attention

Listen to what they say and actively repeat some parts here and there to show them you’re listening. LISTEN and respond, rather than thinking about what you will say next. If you stay in the moment with them, the conversation will flow naturally.

And now for something a little more advanced… 


Sometimes, we speak with our bodies more subtly than with our words. Reach out and touch your loved one’s arm or shoulder and smile. If sitting, lean forward and touch their knee. Just make sure you are already in a physical relationship with this person or that they would welcome this kind of contact. Nothing ruins the potential for new love like unwelcome touching!

Gifts and Cards

Make sure not to overdo it when it comes to gift. Give them something that is appropriate for the particular stage in your relationship. For example, don’t bring expensive jewelry to a first date! You don’t want this person to think you’re trying to buy their love. Send a thank you card when they do something nice for you or give them a little, silly gift that reminds them of a shared memory or experience.

Just be yourself and not who you think this person wants you to be. You don’t want them to have feelings for the fake version of you, do you?

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  1. Prithvi

    Very,very fine pattern for love & relationship-thanks please describe about how can handle with angry wife or friends!!!!


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