Your Weekly Career Forecast for October 22 – 28, 2012

This Week in Work

On Monday evening the Sun moves into Scorpio to join Saturn there to shine light on a new area for you to build your career. Scorpio is not only passion, but also unseen power, investments, inheritance and riches beneath the surface.


On Monday and Tuesday you are still riding the high energy of the weekend and communications are good. While you will need to spend the middle of the week traveling, dealing with education issues or co-workers’ needs, by Friday afternoon you will be in your high energy frame of mind again. Stay grounded and you’ll get a lot done.


This week is when the Sun joins Saturn in the area of passionate partnership, work and balance. This brings particular focus to this new area of career development, particularly with the coming month giving a new “feeling” for your life. Wednesday through Friday offers opportunities for partners and friends serving your ambitions.


Since Saturn and now the Sun have moved into your areas of the workplace and health, they will remain your focus for the next two and a half years. If you take care with nutrition and exercise to keep yourself in shape for work demands, you will thrive during this period and really build a strong career future. Monday evening and Tuesday morning bring career benefits through studies and travel.


Creative efforts, children and your love life may feel like a challenge for the next two and a half years, but this period will be truly productive and you will show new strength that will boost career efforts. Inspiration and bright, new ideas will be refreshing to your soul. On Wednesday through Friday that inspiration is spot on and ready to serve you. Feeling uninspired? Psychic Isabella ext. 9402 can help!


The home or parents will have special needs over the next two years, and you will be introduced to these new events in your life beginning this week. Monday and Tuesday will be productive times that bring interaction and balance to you in your career efforts.


You’ll be shown over the next two and a half years that clear, excellent communication is the key to completion in every plan, project and your overall career. While your workload and work in general demand most of your time and attention on Monday and Tuesday, partners in projects may seem a little dreamy but stimulating in their ideas. Add your “can do” approach and you will have something great through the rest of the week.


The next two and a half years of your life will build the foundation for future finances and a new value system in your life. Your career will integrate the need for cash flow balanced with personal fulfillment. You’ll be feeling enthusiastic about pursuing your ideals and nurturing your future on Monday and Tuesday.


The Sun joins Saturn in your Sun sign on Monday evening. This is a great time to focus on who you are and what you are here to share through your career. You are the greatest gift you have to offer to the world and with Neptune involved you can enchant others. On Friday you’ll creatively communicate the mysterious and the magical.


On Monday the great ideas keep flowing as you charge ahead with your career. Partners are helpful; in fact, they could be a true boost to what you are trying to accomplish early this week. Friday afternoon brings “aha” moments to add to this productive week.


Saturn’s move into Scorpio means it has passed some difficult interaction with other planets and will work in better harmony with your Sun sign, so plan on an easier approach to your ambitions. Your more practical approach to the workplace this week will finally allow you to outshine the more grand proposals of co-workers.


While your career was probably weighing heavily on your mind the weekend before, on Monday and Tuesday you will get great news and creative ideas from networking with friends. You’ll also get more clarity this week on what has been bothering you so that you can take career action. Take career action with the help of Psychic Lucy ext. 5353! 


October hasn’t been the easiest month for you, but never fear, because things are taking form on a deeper level this week that will take positive form soon. In fact you’ll see some of this “magic” taking shape for you by Wednesday. You’ll be ready to let others in on your terrific work on Friday.

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