Should You Listen to Your Friends or Follow Your Dreams

Many of us look to our friends for guidance, support, and fulfillment. Many times that is just the opposite of what we do. We need to be able to follow our gut and our dreams and just need them along for the ride. Liam helps us understand how important this mindset and practice can be when it comes to following our hearts and dreams.

Crystal from Colorado Springs, Colorado asks:

I have two dreams. One, to have a loving, lifelong marriage (with the right man) one day soon. Two, to have a loving, eternal marriage—as in becoming a preacher (with this hurting world). But my colleagues said I must choose one to focus on. I’ve had these dreams since I was 17. So (in my devastation), I gave them both up. Now, my colleagues are angry, saying I chose incorrectly. My dreams have become nightmares. What was I supposed to do? Get more personalized advice, contact one of our psychics today!

Liam’s Response:

Crystal, your colleagues are stupid. I’m not sure that there’s any other way to say it. I understand that these are people you admire; they have educations and accolades and the respect of their peer group. But, they’re still stupid. There are indeed some faiths and some people who feel it is too difficult to divide attention and energy between two such demanding endeavors. For them, a life of abstinence is the only responsible choice. And that’s fine. But it isn’t the only way. In so many faiths, of so many kinds, from all sorts of cultures, all over the world people have proven time and time again that it is possible to serve a deity with a full heart and also have the blessing of a life mate. In fact, in many belief systems it’s considered crucial to have that sort of unwavering worldly support and comfort.

Now it is true, that with your personality and singular mindset, it might be difficult to consider both orientations at once. Some folks are just naturally designed to put all their energy in one place at a time. A lot of great artists and scientists operate in that mode. But I think for you there’s a better way than you giving up both your dreams out of pure frustration. I suggest you start looking at the process as one master plan, instead of two separate goals. Your primary mission should be your service to Deity. That way you will have a solid foundation on which to build all other aspects of your life. But part of your service to your god is to one day include a loving and supportive partner in your life. Don’t make it a one or the other scenario. You need to get ready to go to seminary to start off not because you’re disregarding your goal of meeting that partner but because that’s the logical first step. Once the process is under way… and here’s the really cool part… you won’t have to make the life mate portion of things a goal at all. Nor will you really have to go looking for it. All you’ll have to do is be open to it. It will happen on its own. Just make sure the man you choose is one who shares your faith and fully understands your calling. He’ll probably have a calling of his own, and you’ll be as much a help to him as he’ll be to you. And once you’ve found him, if your friends don’t like the way you chose to do things, get yourself some new friends.


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5 thoughts on “Should You Listen to Your Friends or Follow Your Dreams

  1. marc from the uk

    Great article, as they say follow your heart! Let’s face it hen we get to the other side, were gin to kick ourselve’s for not doing what makes us complete!

  2. kamithHelen Cryan

    I know the feeling. I’m always having dreams where I have unusual powers which I really don’t possess and then these 2 guys always show up in my dreams. I don’t know them personally but I know that they are former members of a rock band called Dead or Alive. Their names are Pete Burns and Steve Coy. Even if I don’t think about them they still show up in my dreams. Sure I like them but both are married.

  3. Nina Me

    you are simply The Best out there! Thank you for developing yourself to this amazing level, and even more ‘thank you’ for sharing it with us – it wouldn’t make sense any other way, right?!


    My best to YOU,

  4. Katie

    That was the best guidance I have heard yet. So very clear and yet simple truth.
    Thanks for all the help you bring to others Liam!

  5. MCgospel

    How do I know when I have found true LOVE……… a womanizer and I flirt a lot, now am finding difficult to choose who to settle down with.


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