Your Weekly Career Forecast for July 9-15, 2012

A Change in Energy

This week should be a little less intense than last week, as you may not have expected. Last week was a holiday week in the U.S. when we might expect life to be more relaxed, but intense events were happening and your career had overwhelming demands. The good news is, you survived and there was a charge of energy that will carry you on to a great future.


You will be on fire at the beginning of the week. Focus your energy on your personal career projects and be ready to adapt them to your changing work environment or client demands. Then there is the anxiety from your partner. Just use that high energy for productivity instead of fights with unreasonable people.


Your financial prowess is a real asset at work and to your clients. Thursday July 12th is the day to show everyone that your efforts could offer them a “goldmine” of riches. Use that charm, your strong sense of value for your work and those great ideas and you will benefit greatly.


It’s “show time!” Your usual ability to charm has energy and excitement this week. Expect others to consider you and your ideas truly sexy. That’s never a bad thing. This amazing appeal will sell ideas.


While you love security, you have been through so many changes at work and in your home that you have mastered your ability to go with the flow no matter what changes occur. Tuesday July 10th and Wednesday July 11th will offer this challenge and handling it well could bring some big hopes to fruition later in the week.


By Tuesday your energies are high and your networking will pay off. Don’t fear the surprises on the job or with clients, as you are in a good position to make the most of it. Later in the week will require a bit more effort, but you have the energy so plans should go relatively smoothly. 


You dig deep for your energy and creative efforts this week and it pays off, particularly on Monday July 9th and Tuesday July 10th. You will receive recognition for more than your usual outstanding detail and productivity. Your unusual approach to make things more efficient at the end of the week will also be a winner.


This week you will try to be “all things to all people.” Enjoy those who appreciate all of your energy and don’t worry about the erratic behavior of a business partner or someone at home. Their mood comes from deep within, not your actions. Your energy is something that deserves a special acknowledgement, and others will catch on to this.


Ignore the drama queens at work, or the dramatics of clients. They simply like being center stage. Come out of your highly productive creative reverie long enough to let them know that you notice them. By the end of the week, your partner may say some truly intense things that make demands away from your work. Just stay focused and true to yourself in both areas.


You have an urge to just enjoy and pursue your creative efforts this week, on Monday July 9th and Tuesday July 10th, but be your usual generous self and offer your super inventive flow to others. The inspiration will be returned from your partner. Listen, enjoy and pursue your magical efforts with their words in mind.


You are always the “solid citizen” and reliable person in your career, but you are being pulled so strongly for change (actually for a transformation in all of the most important parts of your life) that you want to act now. If you arrange your game plan and act later in the week, you’ll find far more benefit to your future. Psychic Teva ext. 5141 can help you work on your game plan. Call her and secure a more positive future.


You are ready to rock at the beginning of the week. You want the stragglers at work to get with your great new creations and enjoy the obvious benefits. You are absolutely right about your vision of the future. Just let others catch up with you over the next week.


Your charm is palpable, but the needs of family are making their demands. Hold steady and focus on your career while balancing this with being your usual empathetic self. The latter part of the week will offer you the energy and opportunity to share your eloquent dreams for all the people in your life, including the boss or your clients.

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11 thoughts on “Your Weekly Career Forecast for July 9-15, 2012


    It is good and sensitive alert to daily life and forecast news for ready for me.Thanks a lot for your respond regularly for better civilized enforcement in the society.To check and preparedness is important for any thing coming in the life.
    Rajkishore Swain
    Puri dist ,odisha

  2. Kalp

    I am happy to receiving some weekly astrological report for career n personal virgo it guides me alot for dos n donts.
    thank you

  3. emz

    I am a VIRGO woman and I love reading articles everyday. Wow I can’t believe when I read VIRGO, it’s true! my effort was paid off! I don’t know if this is just a coincidence but I feeeeeeeeeel it’s not! 😀
    YOU ROCK!!!

  4. grewal

    i am a virgo woman and i love my aquarian man very much. are we mend to be together forever, maybe married

  5. angela a

    Since signing up a couple weeks ago, I find a lot of these horoscopes (“future readings”) have happened to me already.

  6. aneel

    I m reading my forecast from last two weeks and I have noticed that things are going according to prediction. Well I felt that in the morning when I read this forecast and start the day may be mind is set in that frame and accordingly things are happening for which I have started reading my daily forecast for last week after the day is over and still I find that it went accordingly as described.

    Thank-you Mr. Debbie Keil-Leavitt, for being there and helping with out expecting even thanks.
    May God give you more strength to guide and help the human kind.



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