Your Psychic Picks for January 2013

Customer and Staff Psychic Picks

We’ve picked three rising stars and not just because they come highly recommended. These psychics can quickly connect to you, your questions and issues. They communicate very clearly what they are seeing around you as well as what’s happening now and what will happen (if things remain as they are). If you have questions, then these folks have the answers!

Psychic Lana ext. 5760: Connect to Your Guides

Lana calls on your guides and ancestors. She then speaks their messages to you. A powerful medium and empathic clairvoyant, she specializes in psychic investigation and paranormal activity. Lana receives energetic validation as a physical sensation in her hands—this lets her know that she is on track and connecting with you. Get validation and positive energy with Psychic Lana ext. 5760!

Psychic Shyla ext. 5431: Create a Positive Energetic Shift!

Shyla views pictures so vivid that she wishes she could take snapshots with her mind’s eye and show them to you! As a clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and empathic reader, she strives to influence positive energetic shifts in your life. As a medium, Shyla can also reunite you with loved ones who have crossed over. Create a positive shift with Psychic Shyla ext. 5431!

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