Your Money Horoscope for September 23 – 29, 2013

Love Over Money

Your money horoscope mixes astrology with a little clairaudience, so listen carefully—the Universe is playing your song!

A Song in Your Heart

Venus forms a lovely trine to financially-savvy Jupiter in Cancer. Like the Beatles once said, “All You Need is Love.” Remember, if you’re busy hugging someone, you can’t reach for your wallet.

On Saturday, Venus squares with Mars in luxury-loving Leo, which reminds me of another Beatles song, “Can’t Buy Me Love.” Trying to buy someone’s affection will probably result in the exact opposite of the desired effect.

When Mercury enters Scorpio on Sunday you’ll easily come up with creative ideas for bolstering your savings. Scorpios are gifted at putting money aside when there’s a goal in mind. What are your financial goals?

Now let’s look at your personal money horoscope:


Saturn, Venus and soon Mercury crowd your house of shared money. Keep vigilant in your budget as some unforeseen, family-related expenses continue to pop up without notice.


Though tempted to release work-related frustrations through retail therapy, this is not the week for the bull to charge. Get cozy on the couch instead.


On Thursday, Venus and Jupiter help you add passion to financial endeavors. Starting Sunday Mercury helps you streamline your process—time is money, and your aim is to spend both wisely.

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If you’ve been traveling or just getting out more, you’ll now be anxious to get home and cash in on the inspirations borne of recent adventures. Mercury in Scorpio feeds your creative drive.


With Mars still in your sign, remember to consciously slow down on spending even if you think it adds lasting value to your home.

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A short trip, a recent endeavor or even something you’ve written could bring unexpected luck to your money horoscope as early as Thursday.


With plenty going on in your house of attracting wealth you are probably one busy person, but think of all the bills you’ll be able to pay off.


The tension of Mercury in your 12th house is about to subside. As it moves into your own Sun Sign, Mercury will bless you with plenty of money-making ideas. Ne sure to write them all down.


Once Mercury enters Scorpio on the 29th, your money horoscope drama will soon be a thing of the past. If you’ve lent money to a friend, you may have to consider it a parting gift.


Avoid the urge to splurge this week especially while Mars remains in Leo. Use the lovely union of Venus and Jupiter to get reacquainted with love instead.


This week Mercury moves into your career house which means next week would be a great time to take a project to the next level and your salary along with it.


You’ve certainly had a busy summer, Pisces, and the refreshing autumn vibe may prompt you to budget for your next vacation—even if you’re on one already.

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30 thoughts on “Your Money Horoscope for September 23 – 29, 2013

  1. LJ

    Hello Readers – Thank you for all your comments and questions – I wish I could address them all. What I will say for those of your having money problems is that you’re not alone – that may make you feel like you’re in good company, but it may not make you feel better. As hard as it may be I want you to do two things – first, stop concentrating on money – I know it sounds counterproductive but it’s really not. Focusing on what you don’t have is counterproductive. Second, be grateful for what you do have – thank the universe for a close family member, a loving relationship, a reliable friend and thank it for your creative mind. Then tell the universe your dreams for the future – speak them aloud and with good intention – and also, do your part to make it happen. Find your passion and make it happen. You are more powerful than you realize and you can create your own destiny.
    Thank you – and bless you.

  2. Melanie

    The horiscope people is not something you are praying to for help. It is not God. Don’t be confused. It is a guide only. Pray to God for your needs.

  3. merlin

    why so hard for me to solve my financial problem and it seems it just rotating.?can you help me to the mis fortune of my financial matters..

  4. c.wright.thru.u.

    I AM intending Divine infinite blessings, praises, gratitude, appreciation, love, light, peace, surrender, wholeness, total well being/doing/having, ascension, and oneness with/to/for ALL wealth, abundance, prosperity, riches, affluence, money ever-increasingly to/for ALL, eternally.

  5. Anna

    I want some advice from love life is not good..and my financial situation is bad..i want more blessings come to my life..pls forcast my financial future..libra

  6. Anna

    I want some advice from love life is not good..and my financial situation is bad..i want more blessings come to my life..pls forcast my financial future..

  7. Paulette

    Thank you so much … I just need another job a good paying … work for the state please help!!!! Then I won’t be so depressed…. Once a month ….

  8. miles

    I am always in a loop with regards to money
    I spend and help others to a point of having my own financial difficulties. To all asking for guidance ,my one and only advice: Manage your own financial difficulties. Have a notebook to write All your projected income involved plus actual expenses and compare…. if you are spending more than your earnings
    cut unnecessary spending and save.
    Blessings to all,

  9. sophia lundberg deeb

    please emphasis more future life, and whom the future partner. and how about travelling in the future? do i still have a chance to travel in other country ?

  10. divya

    Im very tensed. Nd im very poor in making money. Nobody seems to be helping me. Im in lot of trouble nd I hve no source of income right now no money no love no support nothing

  11. Barbara

    trying to borrow money to help us out of this mess, could u give me some advice don’t know where to go to borrow money thanks barbara

  12. Barbara

    finance are super bad,, need some guide lines, trying to borrow money to get us out of this mess and don’t know where to go thanks

  13. carrie fernanders

    hi\im really ready for a blessing to come my way.i got some bills to pay and i need a vacation so bad but no money . my love life need some improving so please send me some advice love carrie

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  15. arminda

    porque favor ajudeme estou sem sorte quero que mem ajude como as sua boa voltade porque favor mem ajude quero sou um pouco desorte

  16. Jen

    Wow ! You can not buy love . This guy I am dating did ask me for a loan I think he is only being nice because he know I am getting my settlement . The nerve of some men this was on point. :-[


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