5 Things Every Single Man Needs to Know

things single man knows

How to Find Your Soulmate

By far, some of the readings that pull at my heartstrings the most are readings with single men who are seeking their true soulmate connections. We are all spirits having a human experience, regardless of our gender, and as such we all yearn for a true soulmate connection.

Thankfully the world is opening up more to understand that men need true love every bit as much as women. And in the interest of helping them find it, here are some insights that the guides have chosen to share.

1. Make Friends.

Specifically, make friends that you have no intention of dating. Cultivate a social circle. All too often a single man will isolate himself from platonic friendships, and only reach out to people he sees as potential dating partners. This is extremely counterproductive because it’s very hard for the guides to bring princess charming into your life if you never meet anyone you have anything in common with. Building a strong circle of platonic friends helps you connect with people who share your interests, and this in turn draws you into the right place and time to meet your beloved-to-be.

2. She’s Nothing Like Your Ex.

One of the most common problems that comes up in readings is that guys will often limit themselves to a certain type of women because they are either trying to recreate a lost relationship or want to avoid repeating a romantic catastrophe. They may say, “I will only date brunettes!” or “I won’t ever date someone from New Jersey again!” These are unnecessary self-limiters that serve no actual purpose other than keeping you from meeting people. So ditch the hope (or fear) of reliving an old romance. You will be happy that you did!

3. Put Out the Just-Friends Torch.

You met her, she was perfect for you, then she said that she wasn’t ready for a relationship and she just wants to be friends. So you waited for her but nothing changed. It’s a heartbreaking story every time a psychic hears it because we understand the pain of rejected loyalty. But the simple truth is this: either she’s coming back or she isn’t. Waiting for her has absolutely no effect on that. All waiting can do is make you unhappy. Worse, it may prevent you from meeting your true soulmate. Let go. If she really is the right one, the Universe will move mountains, sometimes literally, to bring you and her together. But if she isn’t Ms. Right do not let her live rent-free in your heart.

4. Study Up On Sex.

Knowing what you’re doing in bed is not just a plus once in a relationship—it also does help that special lady know she’s found you. Yes guys, good sex is just as important to us girls as it is to you. Sex is not just an instinct. It’s an art. Read a book, take a class or pick up a copy of a women’s magazine. You’ll be amazed at the simple, but powerful tricks you can learn to spice up your bedroom repertoire. Plus, knowing that you have some technique and skill will increase your overall confidence in approaching women.

5. Ask for the Date!

This is the big one. It means taking a risk. It is also the only way to avoid romantic headaches. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve been on the phone with a woman who is completely confused because a man asked her if she wanted to “hang out.” Does he really want to hang out, just as friends? Does he want a date? Is he trying to be friends with benefits? Asking the lady to spend time in a platonic-sounding way may be emotionally safe at that moment, but it’s likely to result in confusion down the road. If you want to date her then the word “date” need to actually come out of your mouth. So man up! Yes, you may have to face down a rejection notice or two. But the right woman will say yes, and she’s worth the risk of asking.

11 thoughts on “5 Things Every Single Man Needs to Know

  1. mary bevill

    Am i a bad lady..for a ssu him ..wen say the ladys on compoutor or did wat to stop see me..because rather be with her on computor.the one hes know…what i do..he ask me fristed out..he want a reationship .when i wasnt ready to start with .and feel all my faulted..why….plzz tell somethig good come out of all this mary

  2. mary bevill

    we tell furture all this…..and ever last between lady with knoe..someonr who read future plzz tell ok..mary hes name is john…what were we in past live..if we were a soulmate..nd get pass be so insurer in our reasthip…to each other..we jeauis of each other love that push each out

  3. mary bevill

    I feel she nott right for him now feeling hurt.an cant geting out my head ..plzz tell why is this…if lady right where soulmate how where each other to death .like this.do soulmates do this for a reason..plzz some one tell ..whats wrong here.and everget over

  4. mary bevill

    Of geting closedto him..because the sign of him cheating on.me…butt tell me that was justed porn.i knew it wasnt..so used as reason to break off with me..he know with lady…he thinks is right.for him..

  5. mary bevill

    Or could meet with..on thr computor ..and stop sex with me..use exuse he prisstated .butt he time to jack off..and talk to w.msil lady friends..whic reason why can not et him life ..like he was im too scared

  6. mary bevill

    Butt,know ..he ..wants it as band playing..many gigggs he play .where alllmosted like this one..too…proublem is..he at one want me move in..plus know where i live at…and other things allso..one lady at gigg .whos dances with me..when band going…told me ..what was my birthday i told her..febuary 22,..then ask what hes feburary 21, ok never ones us jknw or bithday were thst close..toghter..proublem is…he wass jelousey if i srared at another guy or star at me,,,..then got to ponit..i was pointed out how lady come at paino grab he dick..or saying Yhings on hes ear..at sk e,,mail..will i smart ..witbout him kniwing it…look on it ..find nude lady he meet up.eith

  7. mary bevill

    Well ask ma this,,,,,i had ask out….and,about s year from ….he wanted reationsh…right from ..started…butt i felted it was to soon…..fo me……we keep going ..and as we did…girl up to him at panio….when band was playing grabi.g hes dick..he try brush awaybutt


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