Your Inner Warrior

From March 21 to April 20, the sun shines in dynamic Aries. The first sign of the zodiac, Aries is ruled by fire and associated with leadership, strength and vitality. Aries people are creative and often charismatic. Ruled by the warrior planet Mars, Aries can help us tap into our warrior selves. In difficult times, we can take the Aries spirit as our model of strength and resourcefulness.

Along with the pleasures, joys and triumphs of life, come the challenges, obstacles and even tragedies. Many have realized that though life is indeed rich and wondrous, it is also full of suffering. Buddhist monk, poet and scholar Thich Nhat Hahn describes the Buddhist approach to suffering: “If we touch the truth of suffering with our mindfulness, we will be able to recognize and identify our specific suffering, its specific causes, and the way to remove those causes and end our suffering.” He stresses that though there is suffering in life, there is a way to transform it “into peace, joy, and liberation.”

Whether it be an illness, the death of a loved one, a break-up or business difficulties, the path to end our human woes is not always easy to see, especially when our eyes are clouded by the stresses and struggles of the present moment. What resources can we draw on to survive life’s pitfalls? Here are just a few Aries-inspired ideas to help you make it through tough times, and be better for it.

  • One of the causes of suffering, impermanence, can also be a comfort. It can be helpful to think about your former struggles, how you overcame them, and what you learned from those experiences. If you made it through those struggles, you’ll make it through the present one. Recognize that everything must come to an end – even suffering.
  • It’s also essential to acknowledge your accomplishments and the things that are going well in your life. Sometimes we get so bogged down by our immediate problems that we forget about all of the positive things. We forget we are also talented artists or loving mothers or loyal friends.
  • Another great comfort can come from recognizing we often suffer because we are being taught an important lesson. What would we learn about ourselves and others if we did not now and then get into trouble, make mistakes or experience sadness? These experiences make us stronger, interesting, more compassionate and better prepared to make good choices in the future.
  • An essential part of making it through tough times is to have a strategy or plan. In many cases, however, we are so confused by our problems, we can’t even read our own intuitions. Stress-reducing techniques such as meditation, yoga, listening to soothing music, walking and deep breathing, even if done for only 15 minutes a day, can help you think more clearly about your problems and their solutions, while providing comfort and relaxation.
  • Do not be afraid to seek out help, even at the very onset of a problem (before it spins out of control). A close friend, counselor, psychic, priest or mentor can provide comfort and support, and help you see problems from a different perspective.
  • No matter what the problem, but especially if you are caring for an elderly or ill loved one–take care of yourself. Whether it’s manicure Mondays or movie theater Thursdays, make it a point to do something special for yourself each week.

Every day around the globe, people are finding within their suffering, the seeds of happiness. It takes energy, courage, resourcefulness, love and sometimes a little help from our friends. This human potential to transform suffering into peace, joy and liberation is one of the great miracles in life.

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