How to Give a Gift From the Heart

Give a Gift From the Heart

A Gift From the Heart is Most Meaningful

The best gifts come from the heart and are given from the hands. Gifts from the heart are always the most valuable gifts—they can almost never be bought or wrapped. Just because you have the financial means, it doesn’t mean you should open your wallet and pull out a few bills. There are better gifts to give. They are called heart-centered gifts.

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Heart-Centered Gifts

Heart-centered giving requires you to open your heart and not your wallet. Sadly, some people have a difficult time doing so. So many people are more in the head (the ego) than in the heart.

Wants and Needs

Think about the people in your life. What do they really want? What do they really need? If you know a new mom, you could give her a day to herself. If you know someone who is feeling lonely, spend the day with them. Know a fatherless child? Play ball with them. These are all gifts from the heart!

Ego-Centered Giving

Ego-centered gifts are gifts (material or non-material) that satisfy an ego craving. An ego craving is the feeling of wanting praise or recognition when giving a gift. Ego-centered givers want to be admired for the amount of money they spent on a gift or how many gifts they gave, for example. We are all guilty of this.

Mortgage or Christmas Gifts?

One year when I was a single mother of three children, I spent the mortgage money on Christmas gifts for my kids. They loved their gifts, and they thought I was the best mom ever. But I spent the next three months crying to the bank and trying to pay the money back. Spending the mortgage money on gifts was clearly not a wise decision. I thought I was giving these gifts from the heart, but looking back, I realize now that they were coming from the ego.

A Lesson With Cookies

Every year, my daughters and I get together and make Christmas cookies with their children for their teachers. It’s a fun, messy day spent with family. I love this family tradition because it teaches my grand kids that there are many different types of gifts to give. Sure, they still want their games and toys, but at least they are learning a valuable lesson about heart-centered giving.

The Gift of a Spiritual Journey

As a psychic, I have received many gifts from my callers. They call me to tell me that my readings have given them closure, peace of mind and the strength to move forward. My readings have empowered them and helped them to get excited about their future. They often don’t realize that they are giving me heart-centered gifts in return.

I am on a spiritual journey (and you are too), and every reading I do takes me further. I have met some incredible people along the way and look forward to meeting more. You can’t put a price on that!

Remember, gifts should always come from your heart.

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5 thoughts on “How to Give a Gift From the Heart

  1. Ivory ext 6551

    Judianne you hit the nail on the head!

    When giving gifts I find many people want to please those that they are buying the gifts for, even at the expense of putting themselves into debt, but if you think about it, those loved ones would rather have nothing at all than to have their gift be a financial burden to you. That situation takes the joy out of the gift for both the giver and the receiver.

    I really enjoy acts of service as gifts. Nothing is better than having my stress reduced by receiving help to clean my home, mow my lawn, do my dishes or coming home to the carpets being vacuumed by my family!

    Great article!
    Ivory ext 6551

  2. susan

    Hi Astro.
    Am was in a relship ten years in my head he was everything to me
    later I find out he has a number of girlfriend so ended with him
    today am so lonely and full of pain,how man can do this to other
    he not paid rent food laundry everything was free.Am learn my lesson
    but I am broken.Thanks

  3. Theresa Hendrickson

    I rather make jewelry For Sister-in-law For X-mas Gift and A real Poem.

    And For Men cook book for Everything and A Gift Card or See’s Candies Or Trains With train racks
    or Grilling Food.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Best article I’ve read, so far, all year on giving from the heart….well done, Judianne ! Nice job !

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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