Will 2012 Be the End of the World?

Warnings From “End of World” Prophets

“Something has arrived over vast expanses of space and time, opportunistically cloaking itself within the ambiguities of human perception, seeking propagation channels where the race has vowed not to look. It is currently watching and testing the collective wit. If not recognized, it will simply depart. Then, lives that could have been saved will not. Suffering that might have been circumvented will be felt… The retreat uneventfully comes in 2012, if they fail to count the number of the beast.”

– The Creative Machine

The Creative Machine and Web Bots

The Creative Machine (CM) is an artificial intelligence computer, designed by Dr. Stephen L. Thaler. So far, this machine has learned to compose its own music, develop inventions (Oral-B CrossAction toothbrush), and has evolved itself enough to answer difficult questions about life and death. The CM is not the only computer that senses a sixth mass extinction on the way—the computer search program known as Web Bot has made a similar prediction.

Web Bot is a program designed by George Ure, that uses an organized system of automated “bots” that scavenge the Internet reading “web chatter” from news stories, blogs, and forums. It then takes this information, finding patterns within the chatter, and uses it to create its own predictions. Prior to its prediction of a mass extinction in 2012, the Web Bot predicted the attack on the US Trade Center (9/11) and the stock market meltdown of recent years.

Mother Shipton

Born in the late 1400s, in the British Isles, Mother Shipton predicted the world would end in 1881. As that doomsday came and went, theorists began to look at her poems, suggesting that perhaps they misread her predictions, and have reset the date for 2012. According to the poem below, written by Mother Shipton, the end of the world should be near:

And men shall fly as birds do now, (Airplanes)
When boats like fishes swim the sea, (Submarines)
When men like birds shall scour the sky
Then half the world, blood drenched shall die. (Armageddon 2012?)


In his book The Prophecies, Nostradamus predicted the death of Henry II, the great London fire (1666), the French Revolution, Napoleon, Hitler (WWII), and the assassination of President Kennedy. Within these predictions of death and turmoil, Nostradamus had one final prediction… the end of the world. He perceived a dark comet would travel beyond the Earth’s line of sight for many years, making its presence known just before plunging to the surface, causing gravitational upheaval and boiling seas.

While many theorists stand by the predictions of Nostradamus, Christine Pulliam, a public affairs specialist for the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, says, “If a comet that size was headed our way, we would know about it!” Even if the government was withholding information about a pending impact, millions of armchair astronomers would see it coming. According to Pulliam, we could spot an asteroid or comet months or even years before it reached Earth.

Retroactive Clairvoyance

“If the writings of Nostradamus were to accurately predict a comet impact,” says Pulliam, “It would be the first prediction he’s had right in 450 years.” Many of the predictions we have spoken of today could be explained by what is called retroactive clairvoyance (post-diction). This is when a prediction is applied after an event has already occurred. It’s easy to find a connection or significance behind any story when we already know the ending.

While these prophecies are certainly entertaining, most skeptics would not recommend reading very much into them. With this said, there is one truth that we can’t deny for our future. We have been hit before (comet, asteroid, super volcano, etc.) and will again. Just don’t count on knowing when that date with destiny will be.

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8 thoughts on “Will 2012 Be the End of the World?

  1. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    I agree with Psychic Jesse 500 % …..in fact I posted the below comment in quotes just a few days ago on 2012 ……and I agree with her on the over population problem…..it truly is the ” pink elephant ” in the room, so to speak that nobody seems to want to ackowledge

    ” We are all in for a rough transition period over the next 2 years….time to prepare and buckle up ! for a bumpy ride.
    Things we maybe took for granted, for decades, will change, seemingly, overnight. Especially in the area of finance and the financial markets & job markets, thus causing more stress and hardship on us all, and require more of an effort to conserve. Costs, for almost everything, from groceries, utilities, and essentials, will continue to rise as the middle class steadily shrinks away.
    Natural disasters, floods, tornados, volcanoes, earthquakes all will serve as a reminder that the ” Earth ” itself is in transition.
    ***** We will continue to reap the effects of man-made disasters, polution, and over population….if there ever was a time to go green and conserve, it is now, before we reach the tipping point of no return.
    If we do not change in an aggressive way, quickly, Earth will no longer be able to sustain existing creatures, including human beings.
    And when Mother Earth has had enough, she will shake us off, like a dog shaking off water, and start over….without us….as she has done before in the past. Whole civilations have died out before….this is just a cycle, but a cycle we can prevent.*****”””””

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  2. jesse9027

    As I have said for years, Dece. 21, 2012 will be Friday…that’s all. Simply Friday.

    There are going to be some amazing changes but those changes will have already started now…in 2011. This is the year of transformation. Such changes mean chaos AND resolution and one wild ride in the midst of it all!

    I had predicted many “natural disasters” for this year and we are just getting warmed up. Instead of being worried about the end of the world, why not make every day of yoru life MEAN SOMETHING. If you do this, it won’t matter when or if the world ends…you will have made your human experience really worthwhile.

    Remember: whatever doesn’t kill you is bound to make you…BITTER! LOL! 😉 Seriously though, the world is overpopulated (largely because of religious dogma and convenient politics) and if the planet is going to survive, there has to be enough disasters to bring us back down to the balance of less than 4 billion humans. (Currently, we are at 7 billion and growing!)

    For the first time in planetary history there are more humans alive on this tiny, fragile rock than ANY OTHER MAMMAL! That means: there are more humans than rats, cats, dogs, etc…any other mammal. The best minds of science agree that any population number of humans above 4 billion taxes the planet’s balance and resources exponentially. As humans, we consume more resources than any other mammal and we have overflowed our critical mass of possibility. In other words, we have become the most toxic force on the very planet that brought us to life in the first place.

    Currently, more and more young men are showing extremely low rates of testosterone and more people are unable to naturally reproduce. THAT’S A SIGN, PEOPLE! If we really don’t want to 2012 to be the end of humanity, we had better start making some changes to prevent it…or at least buy us some time.

    Blessings and Mercy,
    Jesse 9027

  3. gwen34

    Maybe the asteroid may take place. I had a very vivid vision a few years back about seeing a huge rock like thing in the sky heading to earth it made contact and then silence then a whosh of energy then darkness. the vision i had that followed was winter like we never saw before so deep it covered 1storry level buildings.

    Im a dream clairvoyant mainly precog some of my visions take years to take place which is why i never say anything because i can’t pinpoint the exact date. some of my visions took place already shri lanka and New orleans which i swear was ment for miami. some how the air current shifted but the devistation was accurate. My next one before this asteroid was and earthquake and sunami in california.

  4. phillipphillip

    Dec.21, 2012 I view as the mid point with August 2012 and April 2013 being critically disruptive periods on a global scale. I do not view anything apocalyptic occuring on that date however.

  5. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    2012 will not be the end of the world……

    …but it will usher in many changes…..the key will be the ability to flex, adapt and change……

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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