Is There Any Science to Astrology?

People have ascribed to astrology since the beginning of history. While it’s often considered “for entertainment purposes only” these days, in the past it often formed the basis for whole empires, consulted by kings, emperors and heads of state to determine the course of their affairs. In fact, many of the most crucial decisions in world history have been made based on the science of astrology. But, be that as it may—is there any science to it, or is it just a delusion?

NakedHealth reports:

Astrology, the study of how planets and stars affect the lives of people on the earth, has been around at least since the days of ancient Babylon. Evidence of astrology has been found in cultures such as ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Even Galileo and Copernicus were astrologers.

Modern astrology is practiced in many different forms, but all are based on mathematical analysis of the relationship between the planets, the sun, and the moon, and how people’s lives reflect those relationships.

But what do scientists have to say about astrology? Is it a real science? Do studies uphold the claims of those who say astrology accurately predicts major life events? Are astrology believers really on to something, or are they unwitting victims of coincidence and psychological manipulation?

May the Force Be With You

Astrology is based on forces—the forces celestial bodies exert on each other and on us hapless residents of planet earth. Just as the moon’s gravity affects the tides, astrologers claim that planetary and star forces affect virtually all aspects of human life.

What do you think—will astrology ever be put on an even keel with proper science? Or, perhaps a more realistic question to ask is—do you see it becoming a more accepted practice in society? Or is it already widely accepted, and we just don’t see it?

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4 thoughts on “Is There Any Science to Astrology?

  1. Francie

    Daily horoscopes, i find to be sort of vague. BUT my horoscope for this entire week is so accurate that it astounds me.

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  3. Kathy

    I belong to a religion that specifically states that there is nothing to astrology, and therefore is to be avoided as superstition. It is said that the planets can only influence like-sized bodies. It is one thing for the moon to have effect on the ocean, but not possible on something the size of a human. That said, I have had my chart done more than once, and I find nothing but TRUTH in what the interpretations have to say. I have been away from astrology, Tarot, etc. for some time and have come full circle: I am still a firm believer… in God AND the occult.

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500


    Even though I am a psychic/clairvoyant that does not read using tools…..I AM a firm believer in astrology….there is just too much to it that cannot be denied. My great Aunt was a famous psychic and astrologer so I know a bit about astrology myself.

    I recently had psychic Phillip go over my grand- daughter’s chart…….Phillip has studied both astronomy AND astrology…his knowledge of both is impressive, so if you need your chart done, I highly recommend psychic Phillip here at CP.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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