When Life is a Mess

Beverly C. in Los Angeles, CA asks:

Dear Tansy,

Like a lot of people right now, my finances are a mess. My employer cut back on my hours and I’m having a hard time trying to make my house payment. Foreclosure is something that I don’t want to think about, but it could happen.

I was also in a car wreck, and don’t have enough money to buy another car. That makes it extra hard to get to work. My son has been sick, and I’m so worried about him. Plus, having no car makes it tough to get him to the doctor.

It sounds like I am single but I’m not. I have a husband but he is unemployed and no help at all around the house. It’s like he has just given up. I can’t seem to get him to talk to me and I just don’t know if our marriage will make it.

Can you tell me if you see anything at all bright in my future? I just need some hope from somewhere.

Psychic Tansy ext. 5289 responds:

Dear Beverly,

We don’t know each other but my heart really goes out to you. I know that you feel overwhelmed and alone, with the feeling that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. There are many people in your type of situation right now, but I know that does not help lighten your load.

I really hope that you read this. Many people do contact California Psychics in order to get some type of guidance and hope for the future. I honestly believe that if you will take to heart what I see for you, that you will be able not only to improve your situation, but to see brighter times ahead.

First, when life seems so tangled up with problems such as yours, you need to visualize that these tangles can be separated and solved, one at a time. As simplistic as it may seem, think of taking a knotted ball of yarn and beginning at the end of one strand, sorting it out slowly. The first problem that I see you starting with is the possible foreclosure on your home.

I do see you contacting the mortgage company and ascertaining which person you need to deal with, directly. It is absolutely mandatory, I can see, that you persist in speaking with this individual. Many, many mortgage companies are now working out different mortgage terms with their customers, and I believe that this could benefit you, as well.

What is so hard for us all is depending upon others, and leaning on others during the hard times that come. I encourage you strongly to talk with your friends and family about your situation regarding your need for a car. When we keep our problems to ourselves (as most of us were raised to do), we are also keeping out possible solutions that others may give us. Look for help. Don’t try to do it all. I knew a lady whose husband was in Iraq, and his vehicle was simply sitting in their garage. She heard of someone in her church who desperately needed transportation, and she helped them with the loan of the car while her husband was away. This was a very generous act on her part, and practically a miracle to the recipient.

I believe that you will come to realize the value of counseling, and will be able to find some for yourself and your husband. This is available in many forms, from private counselors to government-sponsored organizations to local clergy. If your husband is resistant to going, go by yourself. I do see that this will be of immense benefit to you by helping put all your problems into a workable perspective.

What helps me particularly, I find, is concentrating on the spiritual as well as the practical. Practical actions help get us out of situations, but the spiritual enables us to gain a bigger perspective on what is going on in our lives. I can tell you that I have had painful episodes in my life that I later saw greatly assisted my growth. I doubt that I would be with California Psychics if it were not for the fact that challenges in my past led me to understand and sympathize with others.

When times get tough, tough women get tougher. Each day that goes by may be one where you feel you are hanging on by the skin of your teeth. I can assure you that your life will get better, that your finances will improve, that what seem to be unending problems now will resolve themselves in the near future. For now, I can predict that if you work with the practical means at your disposal and push yourself to seek spiritual help as well as the assistance of others, you will come through this. Each day that goes by is one day closer to the beginning of a better life for you.

I will sincerely pray for you and know that you will find the energy and endurance to bring this stage of your life to a peaceful resolution.

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