Ryan Reynolds’ Birthday

Ryan Rodney Reynolds was born October 23, 1976 in Canada. He began his career by starring in the sitcom Two Guys and a Girl. Reynolds was pigeonholed as a comedic actor for a long time, which is no surprise, since he has many fixed planetary placements. His moon is in Scorpio, and it conjuncts Uranus, which is also in Scorpio. This placement reveals an unusual sense of humor, and suggests someone who likes to act a little bit crazy or outlandish. Reynolds craves excitement and emotional freedom, and enjoys breaking the rules and taking risks. This explains how he landed a role in The Amityville Horror – anything new or untried appeals to him, and he has little patience with restrictive customs. With Pluto in Libra as a dominant planet in his chart, he’s a magnetic and mighty predator, as his Scorpio Sun sign suggests. He’s attracted to unusual, creative, or offbeat people, and nontraditional lifestyles. It all makes sense – especially considering that he’s married to screen siren Scarlett Johansson. The couple go out of their way to keep their year-old marriage private – they barely even talk about it.

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