7 Signs You’re an Emotionally Intelligent Person

7 Signs You're an Emotionally Intelligent Person | California Psychics

What is Emotional Intelligence?

All people have emotions, but how do you know if you’re an emotionally intelligent person? Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and regulate your emotions as well as the emotions of those around you. Emotionally intelligent people make great team players and even better leaders. Studies show that the better someone is at managing emotions, the more influential they may be. Being able to effectively communicate and manage a group of peoples’ feelings is a keystone of success.

While some people are regarded as “born leaders,” the truth is that emotional intelligence can take a lot of work. This is especially true if you are neurodivergent or weren’t brought up in an environment that fostered strong social skills. Emotionally intelligent people can pause before they react, act with empathy, and are acutely self-aware. They are able to navigate, assess, and adapt to almost any social situation. Their ability to connect with other people makes them likable because others feel a great deal of comfort and security in their presence. 

If this sounds like you, take our quiz down below to test your emotional intelligence, and then read on.

Answer TRUE OR FALSE, taking a tally of each truth.

  1. True or False? You keep out of office or neighborhood gossip.
  2. True or False? Your arguments rarely include yelling or name-calling.
  3. True or False? People feel that they can confide in you.
  4. True or False? You try to find the silver lining in every bad situation.
  5. True or False? You tend not to hold grudges.
  6. True or False? At work, you are able to compartmentalize outside emotions.
  7. True or False? You find it easy to forgive or see someone else’s point of view.

Now add up your answers. If you found the statements to be mostly true, you are pretty emotionally intelligent!

Emotional intelligence affects all aspects of our lives, including all the communities and relationships that we are a part of.

Why Does Emotional Intelligence Matter?

In the Workplace

At work, managing your emotions can lead to a successful career. Emotional intelligence gives way to a perception of trustworthiness and maturity. These attributes will be highly respected by your peers and management. Staying out of workplace drama or gossip protects your credibility from being associated with negative energy. If you are looking to improve your emotional intelligence at work, work on listening to the needs of others and keeping conversations professional. One of the reasons that remote work has become so popular is that people feel a level of comfort in their own homes, which allows them to be more open when communicating with teammates.

In Friendship

Just as emotional intelligence helps when dealing with coworkers, it can have a great impact on your regular friendships as well. By nature, emotionally intelligent people are optimists. Being able to see the positive side of things leads to a carefree attitude that is pleasant to be around. When disagreements come up, being able to listen to others and manage your reactions helps smooth things over. An emotionally intelligent person doesn’t always have to get their way, which leads to a strong sense of diplomacy.

In Romance

If you are in a relationship, the greater your (and your partner’s) emotional intelligence, the stronger your connection will be. Empathy is key to any relationship. Being able to identify your partner’s point of view or feelings allows you to help them feel better. While all couples are bound to have conflicts, emotionally intelligent partners are able to navigate these conflicts much easier and with less fallout. Making up with this type of person is easy because they understand your needs and are able to communicate theirs efficiently.

How Does One Become More Emotionally Intelligent?

Emotional intelligence is definitely something that can be practiced and earned over time. It can be helpful to identify your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to managing emotions- both your own and others’ in your interpersonal relationships. You can also set goals pertaining to this journey, including things such as gaining a promotion at work or strengthening your relationship with your partner.

Place your emotional goals into two categories, one is for your own emotions, and one being for the emotions of others. Personal goals can include things like vocalizing your needs or managing outbursts and reactions. Goals centered around others might be things like being an active listener or providing motivating feedback.

Practice Makes Perfect

We are all born with innate talents for empathy and communication. Nurturing your natural talents and creating goals surrounding areas where you would like to improve will help you confidently say that you are an emotionally intelligent person. This social skill will help you excel in all aspects of life, from your home, to work, and beyond.

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