What Happens When You Pass?

As a Medium, I’ve learned that each person’s individual experience after their passage is very different, and that the way each person passes has a lot to do with their “afterlife” circumstances. Some people pass on, and within hours they’re playing with lights, sending pennies, and appearing in their loved ones dreams, while others never make any contact with the living. I’ve also learned that the actual experience of dying is an extremely euphoric sensation, a release that we never experience anything like until we pass on.

I’ve learned as much from the dead as from the living, even though I’m 46 and didn’t start channeling until I was around 29. Sometimes discarnate souls are almost exactly the same in death as they were in life — and sometimes they’re radically different, regardless of how enlightened or lost they may have been in life. But by far, the most important two things I know, I learned from a famous old man named Dr. Peebles — the spirit most people channel first when we learn. He taught me that old souls, such as myself, are slow learners, and to make a loving allowance for all things to be in their own time and place.

If I could teach anything I know from Spirit to callers it would be that our relatives who’ve passed on aren’t necessarily enlightened by their passage. The best guidance we can receive comes from Spirit Guides, not our loved ones.

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  1. samantha

    I went through the dying experience in a channeled regression I did many years ago. My channeling teacher channeled her spirit who spoke to me and literally lulled me into empathing the moment, it was wild! You just feel all this stuff lift off of you, its euphoric and freeing, definitely an altered state.

  2. William Kendall

    I am an accomplished portrait arts as well as a soon to be self published writer with XLibris. I hold an associate degree in Liberal Arts, I have a B.A. in modern science, and I almost have a masters. I am a very intelligent older man (56) and I am still learning. However, when I had my two heart attacks on January 21 I died. I was in that “Tunnel of Light” twice in one night and while I was in that “Tunnel” I had a very strong spiritual awakening.

    I could feel the presence of GOD in the “Tunney” maybe GOD was the “Tunnel” I don’t know for sure. But what I do know is that when I stood there gazing down that tunnel the feeling was that I was staring into infinity, Where ever I turned in that “Tunnel” I could see infinity stretching out in all direction. It felt like I was wrapped in a warm blanket of love. I have never felt such peace and harmony as when I was in the everchanging vortex of this “Tunnel.”

    Surprisingly, there where other people in “Tunnel” with me they cane up to me and ask me ha did they get there? I told them I did not know how but I told them not to panic. The would listen to me for a spell and then drift off.

    The most unique thing about the experience was while I was in cardiac arrest. I saw my lungs separating from my heart and it was very painful I think. I, as soul, was not there; I was only an observer. I saw them working on me and i saw my face grimacing like it was in a lot of pain. But where I was I felt no Pain. I was not an unpleasant experiece. I remember the first time when I flipped from this reality Into the “Tunnels” reality, at that point the feeling of elation and happiness was so overwhelming that I cried tears of joy.

    I would like to hear from more people who have had this experience especialy if you are an artist or writer or even like me artist/writer. It has really had a dramatic impact on my art work. I have started a series of genre paintings of religious subjects, e.g., “The Gift” where the the young Jesus as a good Shepherd has climbed out on a very dangerous cliff in order to the little lost lamb (which is symbolically it was me that night that I had those two MIFs,) Also the way I am painting it you can see Jesus, not only in great peril to his life hanging from a tree branch, but you can see how he is reaching his hand into the dark void of the unknown to pluck us from the darkest corners of hell of our own making.

    I have decided that I will get these paintings actioned of to the highest bidder and then take all the money and donate it to St.Jude’s Medical Hospital in Memphis TN, I think this was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced. And so i want to show my love back and at the same time do religious genre painting for making money for St.Jude’s.

    bk the mystic artist/writer

  3. Hern (5239)

    Hey Samantha
    Love the article.
    I always had a healthy view of the other side before I started connecting to guides, but now that they are so readily able to talk with us, we get a better understanding. There is nothing to fear about this as it is a natural cycle. When my son passed over 2 years ago, he really opened my eyes to the limitless potential of all that is unseen.
    It is my philosophy that your experience will be directly related to your belief when you pass. This is why it is important for us to be out of fear and more in love when that time comes for us.
    Keep writing.

  4. Psychic Jacqueline x9472

    Hi Samantha,
    Very nice to meet you!,
    When I crossed over it was such an interesting experience, I remember leaving my body it was as if you walk into another room, no pain, no change of sensation it was nothing like I had thought or led to believe.
    One thing I was shown is that after you pass you go through a period of just healing from this earth experience, after this time then there is more communication from them to us.
    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  5. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Hi Samantha-
    How are you? It was great to see you at the last xmas party. Hope all is well.
    I was pleasantly surprised to find your article here. I really enjoyed it.
    I could tell how psychic you were at the party. I wish we could have had “medium” talk.
    Everyone does have their own style. But my levels of improvement, development etc. I have to say, I owe it to my guides. It first starts with my guides, as my guides are my vehicle to remote channel and to switch gears. Whether I want to “hear” or “see”– my guides are my stick shift.
    Thanks. Hope to see you on the blog more.
    Miss Krystal

  6. Abigail Ext 9570

    Very nice article ….if they were poor money managers when they were alive it’s best not to channel them for money advice in the after life LOL ….great points for out readers to absorb and understand.
    Many Blessings

  7. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Samantha,
    Great article !!!!!!!!
    In your article you stated the following :
    If I could teach anything I know from Spirit to callers it would be that our relatives who’ve passed on aren’t necessarily enlightened by their passage. The best guidance we can receive comes from Spirit Guides, not our loved ones.
    I agree 100%…..I’ve crossed over twice and I learned the exact same thing…..
    As a psychic and a medium, I teach my students that their spirit guides are their true teachers/mentors in most cases. Guides do provide the best guidance!
    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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