Your Weekend Horoscope: Unchecked and Obsessed

Unchecked and Obsessed

Your Weekend Horoscope

Taskmaster Saturn retrogrades back into Scorpio this weekend, putting the clampdown on unchecked emotions and obsessive desires. During the next three months, this energy will compel you to cultivate patience in the affected area and to reexamine your desires and compulsions. Time to manage your passions in a more mature way! Here’s your Weekend Horoscope!

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Retrograde Saturn, in your house of intimacy and transformation, reminds you that everything comes at a price and teaches you to weigh the costs of pursuing your deepest passions. This sector also rules other people’s money and indicates that you might have to work harder to attain the support you need.


Retrograde Saturn, in your partnership sector, gives you the chance to reexamine an important relationship (personal or professional). Over the next three months this make-it-or-break-it energy will test the strength of your bond. A solid connection will go the distance, while a weak relationship may come to an end.


Your Weekend Horoscope reveals that retrograde Saturn, in your house of work and health, could bring an increased workload or additional hours over the next three months, making you more vulnerable to stress-related illness and injury. Consider this an opportunity to learn how to create the balance needed to sustain you and to prep you for success.


Retrograde Saturn, in your house of romance, brings a more serious tone to affairs of the heart. You might date someone older or more mature or seek to lock something down with a more casual love interest. This zone also rules children and creativity, so you are likely to approach these matters in a more mature way.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows retrograde Saturn reentering your house of home and family, bringing a replay of recent domestic responsibilities and family problems. Over the next three months you will have a chance to not only set things straight, but to also create greater long-term stability.


Retrograde Saturn, entering your communication sector, brings a serious state of mind that shuns frivolousness and just wants to get down to business. This is a great time for serious study or writing projects. You are devoted to making a lasting impression through the message that you deliver to the world.


Retrograde Saturn, in your financial sector, makes you work harder for your money. And while more effort is required to get what you want, under this influence the rewards are likely to match your efforts. Your prosperity is only limited by the amount of energy you are willing to put in.


Retrograde Saturn in your sign temporarily brings back the heavy energy of recent months. Don’t despair! This is a last chance to strengthen your self-discipline and to focus on what you want to achieve in the months ahead. You’ve got this, Scorpio! Give it your all and show the world your unparalleled determination.


Retrograde Saturn, in your house of the subconscious, highlights the hidden fears and insecurities that hold you back. You are only as sick as your secrets. Over the next three months, you will have the opportunity to examine the skeletons in your closet and reclaim your power from crippling emotions.


With your ruler, Saturn, retrograding in your house of friendship and group associations, you may feel burdened by your social obligations. Over the next three months, you will examine the value of these connections and may choose to end friendships or withdraw from groups that no longer serve your highest good.


Your Weekend Horoscope shows that retrograde Saturn, in your career zone, gives you a second shot at reaching an important professional goal. Over the next three months, with the right effort, you can correct your recent errors and successfully make your mark. Hard work and dedication will bring results.


Retrograde Saturn, in your house of higher learning, may prompt you to go back to school to pursue higher education, licensing or certification, or to add other abilities to your skills set. Over the next three months, you can acquire knowledge and experience and that will prepare you to advance your career in the months ahead.

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