Your Numerology Forecast: Spiritual Development

This week ushers in a 7 Universal Month, which could cause some significant changes in your outlook. 7 Months enhance the process of spiritual development, make it easier for you to go into things deeply (even things you usually try to ignore), and can bring vivid and meaningful dreams.

7’s brainiac energies also help you be more on the ball, mentally and creatively, as long as you’re willing to work hard. Just be sure to include regular doses of peace and quiet to keep you at your peak. 7’s vibration can be a bit challenging for all personal numbers except lucky 4, so be prepared to use extra patience and tact all month to keep things working smoothly.

Beginning with today’s Full Moon in the sign of Libra, the week also focuses on relationships, and you may find that the idealistic dreams tantalizing you early in the week are later challenged on Saturday and Sunday. Read on to see how numerology can help …

Week of March 29 – April 4, 2010

Monday – The strategic, take-charge energies of this 8 Universal Day could get sidetracked by fuzzy romanticism. You may want to note your plans and ideas for reexamination and implementation on Thursday.

Tuesday – Yesterday’s idealism lingers during this 9 Day, but 9 knows how to put idealism to good use fueling humanitarian projects locally and globally.

Wednesday – Venus enters Taurus today, to add oomph to the startup dynamics of this 10/1 (1+0=1) Day. The week’s idealistic mood continues, but with mental fuzziness added to the mix, along with visionary ideas. Double check everything tomorrow.

Thursday – Don’t let April Fool’s silliness distract you from making powerful use of the week’s second 8 Day. Whatever you tabled yesterday and Monday is back on the agenda with a vengeance.

Friday – Today’s 9 humanitarian instincts struggle with the 7 Month’s desire for solitary intellectual development. Also, the growing clash between Venus and Mars intensifies the possibility of conflict. Let 9’s compassionate insights smooth the turbulence.

Saturday – Today’s dynamic 1 vibes could intensify the Venus/Mars clash because, for all its charm, 1 is all about ME! Try finding common ground and work together for combined mutual and individual goals.

Sunday – Visionary Master Number 11/2 (1+1=2) rules the day, and helps sweet Venus cooperate with deep Pluto to use insights from this week’s relationship challenges to transform old patterns. Mercury clashing with Mars wants to argue, but 11/2’s powerful spirituality can embrace the day’s conflicting impulses to help create wisdom.

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