What Are Soulmates?

Soulmate There’s always a lot of talk about soulmates and there’s a lot of ideas floating around as to what a soulmate is and what it means when we meet our soulmates. The concept of soulmates is one of the trickiest to understand. We are connected to our soulmates through our past lives. I tend to believe that everyone in our lives, friends, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, lovers, they are all soulmates and they all represent and serve different purposes in our lives.

Soulmates keep encountering one another until whatever it is they need to teach one another has been achieved successfully. Teaching and learning are the keys to unlocking the mystery of what that soul connection is.

When soulmates find one another they carry the baggage of whatever un-learned lessons are left from their past lives. The “final” encounter with one of your soulmates is the sweetest. This is when you can stop the ‘school room banter’ and finally relax with unconditional love for one another.

In Tarot I often think of Six of Cups as representing the ultimate union of soulmates. The Six of Cups is a card of hope – a card of dreams once thought inexplicably lost which are renewed with the realization that those dreams can come true again. It is not a card of overwhelming joy. It is a card of hope. There is a recognition that something has been lost, yet from that loss something has been gained – knowledge and understanding. Most of all it implies forgiving and being forgiven. It is in the forgiving that renewed hope is born. This is when love answers our call.

Where things get tricky is when we’ve decided what that soulmate lesson is before we may have actually learned it. This can be particularly confounding with romantic relationships. We always recognize our soulmates and they recognize us – this is why, when we encounter our soulmates the connection is so undeniable and unexplainably intense. But not all soulmates are meant to be our life partners. Sometimes a soulmate enters our life to teach us lessons about attachment and letting go. Sometimes these soulmates teach us about commitment and holding on.

Remember what I said about being connected to our soulmates through past lives? Who we were and who they were, usually determines what the dynamic of the current relationship will be. In a past life for example you and your sweetie may have been brothers and perhaps the current life lesson is about loyalty and trust. Perhaps you were mother and child in a past life, perhaps the current life lesson is about tenderness and nurturing. Sometimes we’ve learned how to be tender and nurturing yet we may have forgotten how to let ourselves to be nurtured and treated with tenderness. Just as importantly, these life lessons are connected to your learning on a deep and spiritual level that you deserve to be treated with kindness and to be loved. If you ever doubt this then ask yourself, “Is there any human being on earth that doesn’t deserve to be loved?” If the answer is “No” then why would you be an exception to that rule?

This is why the most important lessons that we need to learn or teach through our soulmates are often the thing that hurt or frustrate us the most. Whatever may be causing conflict in the current relationship is usually directly connected to what it is you need to learn from one another. What connecting with our soulmates has to teach us on the deepest level is that we all deserve to be loved and deserve to be allowed to experience the joy of loving without fear and frustration.

The more fervently you believe this; the more diligently you pursue this, without deciding for yourself who this love comes from and where this love is directed, the closer you come to attaining it. It may sound corny but love is the reason for everything. What we have to learn and what we have to teach through connecting with our soulmates, no matter what the circumstance is that all else is rendered meaningless without love.

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  1. Secretly

    I was 16 yrs when I met my soulmate, I had been with him for merely months we were to be engaged. My mother was happy my father hated the idea. Our relationship was intense, beautifulll things happened we seperated and not by choice it was my father that made this happen. I am now 36yrs married with 4 children he is also married with 4 children his spouse is older then him and Iam older then mine. It’s so weird all these years I ran from him all these years I feel as if I lived a lie it went from trying to teach him a lesson to backfiring on me. He still thinks about me cause we have the same friends he asks about me but yet knows everything about me. I usually get dreams when he’s in trouble or if Somone that is close to me sees him. I never believed in soulmates but now WOW Iam re thinking it over. It has always been like firewrks when we see each other hearts racing but we both try to stay respectful to eachother. I just dont know how much longer we are going to live apart but One Day we will reunite no matter what. I think its almost time to be re nourished 10 yrs is awhile.



    CARA J

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  4. Debbie

    I am also married to a Gemini and I am a Pisces. I adored this man but our marriage which started out like a fairy tale has also been plagued with his envolvment with his ex wife. He also started treating me badly and criticizing everything I did and said. We had many fights and I tolerated his mood swings and abuse hoping things would change. We are seperated now and it does not look like we will be able to resolve our issues and problems. We tried counseling and I discovered he had a personality disorder. I can’t live with him and I can’t live without him. I have faith in the lord and lean on him to get me thru the day.Everyoone that knows me is sick of hearing about this, so it is nice to find someone with similar problems that have survived and actually grown in their experience. Hope you are doing well and continue to.

  5. lyn b

    I am separated from whom I truely beleive is my soulmate after 43 years of marriage. I will give him is space and if we are never togeather again. I really have so many good times that I hold dear. Everyone has said ditch him. But he toght me so much that their will always be that spot in heart that I hold dear. What ever happened we need to say we are sorry to each other for what ever it was. the way he speeks to me he hold so much against that does not seem to be in reality. But like always I have always had to gress. My heart tells me he loves me but does not know how to show me anymore. God Bless us both and everyone else in all forms of life. God has blessed me for the length of time when we shared to much and learnt so much from each other. thank you all!!!!!!!! lyn

  6. La Luna

    As Chloe said in her article Soulmates appear in our lives to teach us and be taught by us. It is likely that there are some remnants left to sort out in another lifetime from this relationship you had with this man. But since there is much you accomplished together in this lifetime in terms of teaching each other and learning to listen, to forgive, to love, to give service the next lifetime you meet will likely lead to a much less intense encounter – or at least not as negatively intense.

    Your son is another of your Soulmates, and so is any other person that is really close to you and to whom you feel a deep connection.

    These connection aren’t always just lovey dovey. Often we have committed to meet again in this lifetime to work through something together.

    I think it is wonderful that you managed to forgive this man and be there for him till his passing. In time you will heal – and then there possibly will be another opportunity to be in a love relationship.

    May the Blessings be.


    i met my soul mate at the tender age of 15. he was @ one end of the hall in the high school and i @ the other. for some strange reason, i knew @ that moment he was the one. shortly after,i fell in love,not the physical type but the emotional kind.. from that point on i wanted to be around him as much as possible, only trouble was that he was from down south[ North Carolina]. he soon left my home town and went back home, something inside of me died, i spent a good portion of my life trying to find someone to fill that void, he stayed gone for some time but, whenever he came back to my hometown, we always managed to find one another, we have a 15 yr old son, now after 25 yrs here we are once again [TOGETHER AS ONE] must say that things are good and he is my SOULMATE

  8. Shy1472

    well my friends mom introdsed us, and from day one, it felt like we knew each other for a long time, i know we were ment to be, i was gonna leave my boyfriend to be with him, but before i could, he passed away,

  9. indigodanceIndigodance

    Hang on to the memories of the love you shared when all else is gone. These will always keep him close in your heart. These were very strong lessons for one so young, and you learned them well and they will serve you well.
    If love comes round again or not (for me personally there is only one true love, but several soul mates) your courage and love will shine through like the star you are !!! Keep shining bright !!

  10. SharMoor1

    I met my soulmate at the age of 22…he was 52! I felt I knew him tho I’d never layed eyes on him before. We knew each others thoughts the whole 9 yards. I fell in love with him. It was 7 years before we married and had a child 3 years later. I was so young I ignored all the control issues he had.I thought I could handle them and I thought that his jealousy was ‘kinda cute’.He treated me like a little Queen. We would hold hands,go everywhere together,do things together and genuinely have fun…He never knew how much I loved him,how devoted to him and our son I was. There wasnt anything I wouldnt do for him…Our sex life was phenomonal! Our understanding was outstanding! Then after 14-15 years it all went away. He changed into something I didnt even recognize. All the love he use to show me was gone and had turned into something dark and evil.I dont think he knew how to stop being a monster or understood why he was. It was like he was on a mission or something to destroy me. And he nearly did. He was a twin and a Gemini at that.Im a Pisces and I dont usually have issues with people that I cant understand. I just couldnt comprehend what had happened.After close to 9 more years of mental,emotional and then physical abuse…my spirit guide literally shook me so hard I did something about it…I left. In 2005 our son got into some trouble and I went to tell him about it. So much hurt and pain had gone on between us but I went anyway. As it turned out he needed me. I gave him the news of our son and was about to leave when something made me turn around and ask him did he need my help…From that point on I did…cooking,cleaning,washing,and taking him to the Dr. As it turned out I was the only one he trusted. And ended up taking him in my rental home under hospice care…For the first time in all the years I knew him he apoligized for mistreating me and asked me to forgive him…I told him I had forgiven him a long time ago in order to begin to live my own life…We would talk late into the nite like we used to do and laugh and cry and pray.I told him well we started this together and looks like we are going to end this together. He died Oct 19,2005. I know he is still around me. He has made that unquestionably clear…And tho not as often as before I have had struggles with him in my dreams for some reason he still has control issues…by the way I dont go for it! I learned a lot from him and use the good things he taught me in my life today. Im just wondering was he the only soulmate I’ll have. Ive been alone since then and dont have anyone new in my life. Is there only one soulmate a lifetime? And please, I really need to know that what I had with this one is really and trully over! It took all I had to just survive. Are the lessons over? My life isnt over yet…but things sure did come to a halt. Mine may be an unusual soulmate story the ones Ive read about are so loving and warm…mine wasnt near the end. We’d been separated for 6yrs when I took him back in. I never could really hate him and didnt want to. I didnt want to be bitter and broken and I didnt want to give him that kind of control over me. I had a lot of aha moments. Am I the only one with this kind of story? Sure would like to know.

  11. Daniela

    dear lost….It happened to me the same….the article above it says it clearly anyway, there is nothing without love….you left your loved husband and could not love him for cheating u but you loved on the other hand other cheating men who were married….your lesson is why u left? could be more lessons here in fact, one might be to learn to love no matter what, to learn to forgive and not judge and also to let go of your ego….maybe u left just because of your ego hurted, same as I did….:-(….

  12. yiperdoo

    Soulmates are this and more, yet a good introduction was written here… please also study infatuation, the love cycle, twin souls, maybe expand on this topic, it is such a deep and wonderful topic and best handled by the spiritual people, my humble opinion.

  13. Psychic - Jesse - x9027

    Dear Gina Rose,
    I love what you wrote about Samhain on the main site today! I know that today/night is a very busy time of year for both of us (and all who follow our Path) but I wanted to track down something you had written so I could send you a big “thank you” for your accurate information and also to send you many blessings for the New Year.
    May the turning of the Year bring you continued success and many wonderful additions to your world! I will remember you to my Sacred Fires tonight.
    And, Cloe…great job on this article, too. Looks like we hav some very sensible and gifted psychics here at CP!

  14. samuel onyeabo

    Thank you immensely fire point article I can boldly say now that I know what soulmate is all sometimes they step in to drop something and step out at the end.Y ou are doing a good keep it up the lord bless you.

  15. Sebrina Lee Biscardi

    Erin, do not make the same mistake I made, in that, you need to say too much instead of nothing at all. I have to live with the regret I have for a soul mate I met in 1997. It’s taken me all these years to finally tell him I’m sorry for the last day we saw eachother. It’s a really long story but basically he found me one day and asked me to work in his department where we both worked, in a large store. I kept my distance from him but he would continue to be overly friendly and try to get me to open up. I had just gotten out of a horrible relationship and was ready to throw in the towel…but here comes “Mr. Big Stuff” and he definitely changed my point of view for the better. I confessed my love for him only 8 weeks of working beside him. He told me he was very flattered but he was involved with a woman and that was that. I was so hurt and upset that I ripped up the letter I had written him which contained all of my deepest feelings…I told him that he was “throwing me away” and then proceeded to storm off, never to see him again. I’ve thought to the point of obsession about him, with no relief. To this day I believe I’m still in love with him, actually the only man I’ve ever been in love with. My love for him is turning into unconditional love and I feel like I can let him go now. I know, now, that this man is my soul mate and he was in my life briefly to show me that I shouldn’t give up on love because “THE ONE” is somewhere out there…so please don’t be silent about this guy you speak of. He needs to know everything you’re feeling for him. You never know what the outcome will be if you don’t tell him!! I feel it’s better just to be honest and upfront, don’t hold anything back…it’s better to say too much than nothing at all!! Go for it, step out in to the peril. Take care and God bless!!
    Sincerely, Sebrina Lee Biscardi

  16. Lils

    I do believe soulmates are for learning. The man I love was married but separated when I met him over 8 years ago and we pursued a fairytale romance which he chickened out after 3 years. But today, we live in two different continents, but dont seem to be able to completely let go of each other. He keeps saying he had moved on and for me to do the same, but neither one of us are able to break free. I have just accepted it now and soulmate connectins makes sense.

  17. Ophelia

    I met someone 4 years ago and I was married. The connection was so intense that it almost ripped my marriage apart. It was purely a spirtual connection and that was the most difficult peice. Since then I have had events occur out of my control that still bring us close together. For example the persons sister who was there the night that we met now works with me and has become my close friend. She tells me that she feels as if she has known me forever. So were the same words that were uttered by her brother. I am sure I feel his pain but it is a very nuruturing feeling that I have toward him. I have never had something like this so unexplainable happen before in my life and hope that this will never happen again. The intensity of the connection is almost too much to handle.

  18. indigodanceIndigodance

    Yep – totally agree with you – a man has not long come into my life – he definatly is meant to learn from me as much I am learning from him – trouble is… he said himself his ego is getting in the way to listen.
    At first he wanted me for sex – this did not happen – now he has realised I am his best friend !!!

  19. JOYJOY

    Absolutely true…yes there are soulmates…definitely coming in your lives to teach you something. I met mine on a project, but he laughs away..perhaps he doesnot understand what he needs to learn from me. He believes a man and a woman can never be just friends and I am just the opposite..for I believe friendships have nothing to do with gender and in all cases we may not develop the kind of feeling one does when in love the other way. Cant you love your friend..when I can love my parents, my brothers my sisters..my friends..females..why a stop here just because he is a man. But anyway in the process I am definitely learning…many things which one day Iam going to share with the world.

  20. Lost

    Divorced and single I re-connected with a guy I knew in college about 5 years ago. We had always had this deep connection and as I look back I knew we would get in touch with each other again however when we re-connected he had married 10 years previous. We talked from a 400 mile distance for a time and realized we loved each other deeply but do to his marriage we would not be together as lovers. It was a very painful relationship but we didn’t seem to be able to let go nor could we go on as just friends. It took some doing but we did break it off as he was not ready to change his life nor did i want to break up a family.
    In May of this year while on vacation I met another man and the connection between the two of us was unmistakable. We are definitely soulmates. In fact prior to leaving on my vacation -and this might sound silly-but I had asked to meet exactly him and he confessed to me without his knowledege of my request that he had asked for me. BUT again he is married and not ready to change his life and we love each other unconditionally ( no sex). He is my best friend. Why does this keep happening to me? What is the lesson here? HELP!
    I don’t know if this has any bearing but I was married to a cheating man. I did not cheat on him – I left. No bad karma here!
    Lost in love

  21. Erin

    This is so true. I believe I’ve in countered 4 soulmates maybe 5, but they have not always remained in my life but the lessons I’ve learned are profound. To feel like someone completely turns in the world with you is breathtaking. My best friend and I were like this however in a moment of haste I hurt her deeply and lost her trust…. But I have never changed my thoughts on loving her despite our demise. I still believe our lives our reality our profound oras complimented eachother in away that was rare a emaculate. And til the day I die no matter how many hurts she or I continue to cast on eachother I know I will never see her as something negative & I’ll wish for our lives to reconnect. ….. In love relationships I’ve had 4 encounters 1 was a mind connection soulmate the 1 st time I met him it was like ‘wow I feel like he is someone I’ve met before’ and to converse with him time passed to quickly! ….. The next is a rare our lives our thoughts our desires expectations were completely in sync, but sexually our styles were off…. Next is a man who turns my world his demeanor his looks.. His mind, his presentation, beliefs, dreams and sexually I feel at peace with.. Open not afraid to be me! But he closes himself off so frequently once I feel connected….. I’m at a loss, bc he is someone I cd love whorship and marry! Last but not least is a man who flipped my world apart sexually no one cd ever do the mastery, but he challenges every thought I have about me, he makes me so crazy at times I feel like throwing things ( he says the same of me) we fight worse that enemies & at times we become so disgusted with one another we don’t speak for weeks even though we see eachother nearly everyday. But yet I’m drawn to this man I see parts of him that make me truly loyale respectful of just his being…however I never tell him these things nor do I lead him to believe I even respect him. He does not see my vulnerability to him & yet it drives me to connect with him! He’s my challege soulmate bc I know if I ever allowed him to see my thoughts and loyalty he wd see how alike our minds & hearts are but it’s a vulnerable state I have not allowed him to see! And yet I feel like letting him see the real me wd bring me to a place in my life I need to be! Any thoughts on my resistence???

  22. Lita

    WOW yes is very real I meet 2 o 3 soul
    mates in my life but my ultimate soul
    is my own darling son he is in my life
    for a purpose to really teach me about love….when
    we are home energie flows in harmonious
    state like perfection he knows what
    I want
    and need …and I know what he wants and
    needs Im so proud of him since the day he
    come in my life..Im so bless….thank-you
    Universe you are always so generous with
    muaaa.your darling star..in this planet
    … Lita

  23. Cassie

    It’s true – a soulmate connetion is one which truly takes your breath away. I have met mine – although he’s currently in a relationship and we split up, and I am trying to work out if I’m meant to let go or if I tell him how I feel. If things were to work out, it would be the best thing that’s ever happened to me. If not, perhaps something better will happen?

  24. BlakBeauty

    When I started to read this it didn’t acure to me that I was in a soulmate idea for 4 long confusing yrs. I met my ex- best friend in high school 9th grade. To make this llllooonng story brief he was a smart but yet confused individual whom didn’t know himself and I filled the mystery(non sexual) and to my surprise LOL he told me he’s gay. I really didn’t care because I have a very open mind and soul. Everything he told me I still have stored in the back of my mind til this day. I thought we would be friends forever but senior yr rolled around and it was offically over I then realized he was a soulmate with a purpose or the other way around. Sometimes a soulmate enters our life to teach us lessons about attachment and letting go. This sent. really touch home for me and now I understand it was meant for him to come in my life then out.
    Peace and Hair Grease.
    This article confirms to me a soulmate isn’t only a boyfriend or friend. My mom is truly a soulmate.

  25. Christina

    Hi Chloe,
    I loved your article & found it refreshing to hear since to some a “soulmate” isn’t a conceptual reality or worth waiting for…I disagree. I am a passionate, romantic & intense scorpio who thrives off finding & having an inherit connection with people be it family, friends or lovers. So when you said that not all soulmates are meant to be our life partners, I can now identify with that.
    One in particular being my father who passed away 3 yrs ago. We had this natural & rare closeness that continuously inspired me & taught me many valuable lessons growing up. But, it wasn’t until experiencing the traumatic shock from losing him that I actually learned my biggest lessons of all. Those of which I never would’ve felt the need to learn if it wasn’t for passing.
    It’s because of these particular “soulmates” in life I love to love! They fill my spirit up in this intense & unexplicable way it’s hard to explain without experiencing it for yourself.
    Thanks for your article!

  26. Kegan

    Dear Chloe,
    Your article is bold and beautiful, full of truth. What is so hard for me is that I have for the first time, found someone I deeply care about, and it does bring up feelings of failure and inadequacy. As you said, without love, all else is meaningless,and I am finally figuring that out at age 45.

  27. tracy

    This is a great article, I do believe once you find and know yourself than you can know that things has effected and you are able to bring the good quality out

  28. Believer

    You are quite the writer, have you thought about making it a second profession?
    Thanks for the guidance, it’s much needed & appreciated around here.

  29. Josepha

    Bravo psychic Chloe,
    What a correct article filled with the right information, in the right dose.
    Thanks you
    Blessings 2 u,

  30. Miss Krystal ext. 9192

    Very nice. Life can be different for everyone. Some wait for a long time to finally meet and be with a soul mate. But some people are with their soul mates very young. My grandmother was married for 72 years. My grandfather has been gone now for almost ten. He is on her mind every day. I watch their relationship continue, as she is still here and he is on the other side. It’s miraculous. There are many soul mate scenarios.
    Miss Krystal

  31. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Chloe,
    This has to be one of the best articles written to date.
    Great job, Chloe !!!
    Blessed Be )O(…..Gina Rose ext.9500


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