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11496329-533x800 In response to Psychic Jacqueline’s recent blog, What Heaven Looks Like, reader Joyce wrote:

In 1989, I had the wonderful experience to “cross over” to visit my father just four days after he was buried. I was lying on my bed crying and thinking that I just couldn’t live without him. Suddenly, my fiance who died in 1975 was standing with his hand reaching toward me (I am a psychic medium). He said, “Come on, I will take you to see him.”

I had crossed over before and wasn’t afraid. I just smiled and instantly I was standing in the most beautiful place. There were marble buildings, streets, trees, flowers … and my father was standing beside a huge tree, so green that it hurt my eyes with its beauty. I was shocked that my father looked as I remembered him when I was three or four years old and he was 27 years “young.” He had been very ill for several years and bedridden and died from lung cancer.

He said to me by thought message, “You were right and I was wrong.” I laughed and said, “I knew I was because I have been here before but in a different area.” I had visited a beautiful meadow with small brooks and foot bridges, etc. and have been there two times since. He was a Baptist minister and did not believe in psychics.

I have been very strong (psychically) since I was about 22 months of age because I can remember the day my brother was born like it was yesterday and I am 22 months older than him. I can remember playing in my playhouse, talking and serving tea to a lady. My mother would tell me to stop talking to myself.

When I was about 7 years of age, I saw a picture of a woman and recognized her clothes, I never did see her face. I said to my mother, “That’s her, that’s who I used to play with.” She got mad and said, “You didn’t see her because that is my mother and she died when I was 5 years old.” I didn’t say anymore because I had learned that they didn’t understand me and my gift. I was always predicting things. I learned to just not say a lot. I didn’t even know about psychics until I was 18 years old and married my husband who was also a psychic and medium.

People come into your life for a reason or season is a true statement. I saw him when I was 14 years old and told my aunt that I was going to marry him. I had never seen him before but he was so handsome. I never saw him or thought about him again until about three days after I graduated from high school in 1959. A friend of mine asked me to play a prank on his friend from another school. I called him as a prank, and about a week later our friend said that he wanted to meet me. I said, “OK.” I almost fainted when he stepped out of the car. He was my “prediction” four years earlier.

We got married three months later, had four beautiful children — all psychics. He taught me that the weirdness my family said I was going to hell for was really not evil, but a great gift. I began learning and cultivating it. I love my precious gift and have helped a lot of people over the years.

He was sent to teach me … but only for a season … not a lifetime. We divorced after nine years and he is on the other side — but we are still connected. My parents are both on the other side now. I’ve lived in their home for 16 months now and they visit at least three to four times a week. I love their visits! I always acknowledge them and talk to them all the time. I love reading others’ experiences. I love this site. I’ve learned from all of you wonderful people. Life is always a learning experience.

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  2. Donna

    Hello Joyce,

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful memories of visits to the other side. I do believe you have a special gift.
    I once left my body at the age of 26 – I had anesthetic for a small surgery and was allergic to the anesthetic. A few hours after I was returned to my room, I got up to go to the washroom, a lady was talking to me in the hallway. The next thing that I remember was that I could hear voices that I had no pulse, and heard several people running and talking and trying to revive me. I remember total darkness and pleading with God, please not now, I want to have a baby girl. I could hear and tried to move to let them know I was alive, but I couldn’t get back into my body. I kept pleading with God and finally I was back.
    That was many years ago, I’m now 60 years of age and I had that baby girl when I was 30 years old, against all medical odds. God gave me another chance at life and I thought I had made it and done the right things.
    Suddenly 18 months ago everything has gone wrong, my whole life is falling apart, everything is negative, and there is too much conflict. I’m wondering, was this meant to be as a challenge or is it my karma from a past life?
    I’m asking this question of Joyce, as she had such a wonderful experience and I’m having such a horrible experience.
    Thanks, just wondering.

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  4. Fran

    Dear Joyce,

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story with us! I think it’s wonderful that the connection we have with our loved ones never dies even though they have passed on.

    My father died when I was 17, a few days before my high school graduation. I had planned a trip out to California to visit my sister for the summer. I had never flown before, and I was nervous. A few weeks after my dad died, I had a dream about him. We were at the airport. He was wearing one of his favorite leisure suits, and he was smiling at me. I was scared, and I asked him if he would go with me. He smiled, thrust his hands into his pocket, and nodded his head, and the two of us began walking together. He never said a word, but I knew that he was telling me that he’d always go with me, no matter where I went.

    Years later I moved to California, and he’s here with me now. My mom feels his presence in her bedroom all the time. It’s a nice feeling to know that I’ve still got my dad with me.


  5. Tina

    hello !
    I have been to The Other Side,I believe, about three or four times,and have seen someone I believe I have had a past life with. He does not remember me,or if we do see each other,he is polite,but distant.
    I am told I am psychic,but I don’t really know how,or in what way. You are so blessed to be able to travel to the other side at will: I cannot control how or when I go there. If I could,I could,I could have so many of my life’s hurts, healed. Both my parents are on the other side and we were not close.


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