Tune in With Our New Psychics!

Welcome New British Psychics to Our Team!

Take a look at our newest team additions, all hailing from the United Kingdom – help us give them a hearty welcome! What can they help see for your future?

Psychic Aimee ext. 5711

Aimee hails from the United Kingdom. She asks for your name, and upon hearing it, she closes her eyes to focus on your energy. Please relax and ready yourself for a deeply profound experience. A no tools medium who also gives general readings, she enjoys sharing overviews of your life and connecting to those on the other side. Aimee shares her extrasensory gifts by relaying messages from spirit without sugar coating their communications. Reading professionally for over 10 years, she developed her psychic abilities by allowing them to grow naturally. Over time, her talents got progressively stronger to the point where she just had to use them for her occupation. Her goal is to bring you clarity with the utmost integrity. She hopes that a session with her helps you “feel that the world is a better place.” She finds joy in being able to reconnect you with your loved ones in a no-nonsense fashion. You will love her energy and the fact that she wastes no time in giving you information!

Psychic Tabitha ext. 5717

Tabitha hails from the United Kingdom. A wonderfully compassionate woman, she has had intuitive insights her whole life and feels that anyone who is meant to read with her will come her way! To begin, please share your name and date of birth. She will ask if you have a specific area into which you would like to delve. Then Tabitha connects with spirit as she picks up on your energy. Her Celtic gift was passed down through a long line of Irish ancestors. Reading professionally for over 25 years, Tabitha amazes with her messages from beyond. She focuses on bringing about resolutions, because she feels that when you gain understanding you can journey forth on your life path. Her personal philosophy about readings is to “follow the 3 C’s: Choice, Chance, and Change.” Tabitha says that “you make a choice to take a chance and that can change your life forever.” Though she has experienced intense life altering challenges, she has the attitude that everything happens for a reason and approaches her work with the spiritual realm as “meant to be.”

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