Transform, Heal and Evolve Through 2012

Steve Bhaerman, also known as the Cosmic Comic Swami Beyondananda, is an internationally-known author, humorist, and workshop leader. He recently co-authored the book Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There From Here. He was also a key contributor to Debra Giusti’s Transforming Through 2012, which took on the daunting task of collecting the perspectives of 33 scientists, astrologers, futurists, mystics, and indigenous elders, to better understand the meaning behind 2012. We asked Bhaerman and Cosmic Swami what we should expect for 2012—how we can successfully transform through 2012 to achieve a greater understanding, healing and spiritual enlightenment? How can we help spiritually resistant loved ones find their path (destiny)? This is the advice they had to share:

California Psychics: What should we expect during the transformation of 2012?

Steve Bhaerman: There are three steps: Inner-Dependence, Independence, and Inter-Dependence. By Inner-Dependence, I mean having a connection with one’s own soul and spirit, independent of an intercessor like a shaman or a priest. As a sovereign soul-proprietor, one can be truly independent—a unique individual consciousness, self-aware, self-intelligent, and self-responsible. Inner-Dependent, independent individuals are then qualified to be Inter-Dependent—voluntarily co-operating for the good of themselves, each other, and of all. Some might call this utopian, but in the cellular community beneath our skin, it’s called health and sanity.

CP: What specifically can people do to alter their mindset from the “survival of the fittest” (a competition) to the “thrival of the fittingness” (a spontaneous evolution offering forgiveness, love, liberation, and connection)?

SB: First, recognize that “undertruthing” every religious, spiritual, or ethical path is some version of the golden rule. Think they might be trying to tell us something? At the highest level of human understanding, there is the realization that ultimately we are all cells in an organism called humanity. Secondly, recognize that science now tells us that environments evolve as cooperative entities—that which fits, survives and thrives. Finally, and most important, we recommend a three step program (hey, no time for 12 steps):

1. Evolutionary Awareness. Recognizing that we have been subject to invisible beliefs, and that these beliefs (quite often not true) have until now limited our human potential. Understanding how all of us have been subject to this programming makes us more compassionate and forgiving. We are less likely to blame ourselves or others, and we move from a victim to a co-creator.

2. Evolutionary Intention. We can lament the collapse of the caterpillar, or we can gather together as cells of the new butterfly. Everyday, and in some ways, every moment, we must decide whether we animate the old story of separation, or the new story of connection.

3. Evolutionary Practice. There must be a daily practice (from spiritual to practical) that reinforces our connection with this newly emerging paradigm. How do we weave our gift, talent, mission, and vision with the butterfly organism that is being born?

CP: How can we help those who are stuck within their programmed, invisible beliefs of “fighting over the turf,” rather than “collectively tend(ing) the Garden”?

SB: Swami has a word for trying to help those who don’t want to be helped: Futilism. Those who are most intent on converting others are really trying to convince themselves. So (the) best thing to do is change one’s own life and perspective, and then others will say, “Hey, I’ll have what they’re having!”

CP: What will you be doing on the evening of December 21st, 2012?

SB: I will probably be celebrating with Barbara Marx Hubbard, what she calls “Day One,” or what Swami calls, “The beginning of the world as we truly know it.”

CP: Is there anything else you or Cosmic Swami would like to share?

SB: I would say, keep laughing. Take humor seriously, and seriousness humorously. Someone once asked the Swami how he would explain the suffering of those on the planet who don’t have enough to eat. Swami replied, “That is easy to explain—What’s harder to explain is the suffering of those who have plenty to eat.”

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4 thoughts on “Transform, Heal and Evolve Through 2012

  1. kroo

    Wonderful article!!! Remember our parents/caretakers telling us to eat all our food on our plates because there were starving children somewhere in the world? I say that still to my grandchildren and we need to know ALWAYS , we really dont have much to complain about after all. One of the best gifts I can think of to give our children is a trip to a third world country where famine is a way of life to many, and partake in some form of humanitarian work. It should be a requirement for high school graduation!
    Once again, thank you for keeping it real.
    peace and love to all

  2. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Lovely article Eric,

    I especially liked the last paragraph which I copied below…….independence is empowerment, independence is true freedom.

    Someone once asked the Swami how he would explain the suffering of those on the planet who don’t have enough to eat. Swami replied, “That is easy to explain—What’s harder to explain is the suffering of those who have plenty to eat.”

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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