Train Your Mind Like a Psychic

Divining truly intuitive thoughts from imagination is like learning to drive or play a piano. At first, each small movement, thought, or reaction must be learned. Eventually, it becomes second nature to know how to lift your pinky to make that last note in the chord, or exactly how much force to use in order to brake your vehicle in the rain. A trick that I teach my students is to create a journal of their psychic premonitions, in order to learn what their true notes are – every person has their own way of playing a psychic tune.

Create a notebook. Each time you feel a “hit” or a psychic thought, write down Who, What, Where, and When for what was actually thought – then create another section for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual state that you were in when it came to you. Note, under physical, where in your body you felt it. Many psychics have physical sensations in a part of their body (a tingling in the solar plexus, a tightening in the throat, maybe a warm glow around their heart chakra). Be sure to note the mundane as well. Had you eaten? Were you tired? Ill? Any factor that stands out needs to be taken into consideration.

Mental and emotional states usually blend together – it’s important to note if you were in a great mood, in a meditative state, angry at a mate, happy working in your garden, or whatever your mood happened to be. Noting negative or positive emotions – or any mental attitudes – will help you to go back and check which states provide the most accurate hits. For instance, if the hits that come to you when you’re gardening all turn out to be correct, then you know that you can trust those thoughts to be genuine.

The spiritual aspects of psychic messages are deeply personal to each person – as individual as each person’s beliefs. How do psychic hits feel in relationship to divine thoughts coming through? Do you sense guides? Does the information just appear in your mind as if you know all those involved, or is the information given to you under particular circumstances, such as seeing a golden light before the thought comes, or feeling yourself go into a trance? For many, this is as natural as talking to a friend and giving advice, yet it is a very particular feeling that overcomes them. This is as individual as each person, as in style of speech, or physical differences.

By noting these things in your Psychic Journal, you can ascertain which of these things help to identify your most accurate psychic and intuitive thoughts from your imagination, or your mundane mental assumptions. Most of all, enjoy the discovery and the practice of your new talent… learn the true notes of your own sixth sense.

What are your own techniques and tips for discerning psychic data from imagination?

4 thoughts on “Train Your Mind Like a Psychic

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  3. Abigailx9570

    Very nicely written and so true. We all learn and experience this in our own ways. It was also well written in layman terms so all can understand.

    Many Blessings


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